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Letters to the Editors

Vandals ruining neighborhood; help is needed

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published January 6, 2002

Editor: I have lived in the Willow Bend subdivision since March, and we have a problem with youths driving through yards, destroying mail boxes and terrorizing our neighborhood. We have reported this to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office on many occasions, and it seems as if they have no interest in stopping these vandals.

This is a repeated act and many homes are damaged. We have provided the Sheriff's Office with license tag numbers and still they seem unable to handle this problem. To a concerned citizen and taxpayer it looks as if the police in Pasco County are skirting the issue. We could use help to put some pressure on them and maybe help get the word to those who may be able to help.

On Jan. 2, around 3 a.m., about 15 more homes were damaged, with no encouraging words for help.
-- Eric Levenson, Lutz

Lazy slobs trash our roads, denigrate Hudson

Re: Let's make the slobs pay for cleaning up litter, Dec. 28 letter

Editor: I am a new resident to Hudson. My husband and I frequently ride our bikes around Fivay and Little roads. I am, quite frankly, appalled at the litter I see on my bike trips. Riding along Fivay toward the library, I am confronted on both sides of the walk by a wide variety of trash dropped anywhere by lazy slobs who can't understand that they are not only creating an eyesore, but downgrading the appearance of Hudson, and denigrating the reputation of the kind of people who live in Hudson.

Discarded "for sale" signs, plastic and glass bottles, paper, even dirty diapers are there. This doesn't present a very pretty picture of the street that is home to one of the nicest libraries I have ever visited.

It doesn't require a college education to understand that litter doesn't set an example for our children. Once around the corner from Fivay and onto Little Road, one is subjected to piled up litter at intervals along the wall of a residential area. It's obvious that it's been there for quite a while. The bus stops I pass look like small landfills with water bottles, cigarette butts and papers in abundance.

It's so obvious that a couple of things are absent: A simple lack of simple self-respect and respect for the ground you are standing on -- the back of your life-support system. The Earth supplies you with everything you need to survive, water, air and food. The least you can do is take your trash home.
-- Beverly Sturgess, Hudson

Gun ban on city property doesn't control criminals

Re: Zephyrhills council's stand shows it won't be intimidated, Dec. 19 letter

Editor: In paragraph four of Arthur Hayhoe's letter, he states that, "If you can control what comes in our parking lots, there is a much better chance of keeping it out of your city buildings." The key word here is control, for the only way that one will ever be able to control the actions of a criminal is to lock up said criminal and never let them out of jail.

Making rules that keep law abiding citizens from bringing guns onto city property will not control criminals. Mr. Hayhoe and his controlling rule makers seem to forget that we have rules against rape, robbery, burglary, murder, etc. None of these rules prevent criminals from engaging in crime, nor will Mr. Hayhoe's rules prevent criminals and psychotic killers from bringing guns on city property.

Mr. Hayhoe offers no solution to crime, only more rules for gun owners that criminals will not follow. When Mr. Hayhoe and the few supporters he has can demonstrate the proper enforcement of existing laws, only then will anyone besides an incompetent city manager listen to what he has to say.
-- Scott Factor,New Port Richey

Sandbar for nesting birds means people are left off

Editor: I moved to Gulf Harbors because I love the water and enjoy boating. That is the one thing I enjoy after working all week to pay my taxes. The little peace of freedom has now been taken away from me.

There is a sandbar approximately a mile offshore. Everyone that I know enjoys going to the sandbar, camping, bringing their pets, relaxing, and having a few beers. I recently went out there to walk my dogs and to relax and I couldn't believe my eyes, the government has declared the sandbar a bird nesting sanctuary!

The sandbar is under water when the tide is high. I love birds; I have four of them as pets. There are plenty of places for the birds to nest that actually have trees, just look around. What about people? Are we allowed to have any fun or freedoms? We are quietly being controlled by our government.

I read in the paper that volunteers that live in Gulf Harbors are keeping an eye on the island to ensure that the birds are nesting in peace. These people obviously have nothing else to do. The government needs to focus on controlling airports and Osama bin Laden; let us taxpayers enjoy a little freedom. It's quietly being taken away from us; we need to wake up.
-- Leisha Medeiros, New Port Richey

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