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Letters to the Editors

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published January 12, 2002

I have nothing personal against Tony Dungy, but can't help wondering if the Glazers decide to keep him whether we won't have more of the same next year. Let's face it, the man is too conservative. A coach like Steve Spurrier would bring to Buc fans something they always wished but never had, a truly punishing offense, and not letting teams remain in the game by sitting onleads. Buc fans deserve a coach of Spurrier's talents.
-- Jimmie Carra, Port Richey

* * *

I wholeheartedly applaud Gary Shelton's column "Glazer's, Don't Do It." Prior to hiring Coach Dungy, I never took an interest in watching the Bucs or, for the most part, any football. But Coach Dungy's distinct style of leadership caught and kept my attention, as well as that of my family, friends, and colleagues. As a mother of two young children and social worker by trade, I deeply value Tony Dungy's message he sends to our children and to our communities. I like that my children can watch football and at the same time observe a man who provides a picture of dignity, respect and honor. From the early years, we teach our children that it's not just the winning, but how the winning is done. Hopefully, the Glazers will remember, too.
-- Susan Dyer Layer, Clearwater

* * *

Tony Dungy is a guy, but the time has come when he has to go. This team is not good and we have stepped backwards since 1999 NFC Championship rather than moving forward. Ther's no excusefor it. Not when you have 11 Pro Bowl players on your team. I say make the move, get the Tuna in here and let him weed out the deadwood on this team
-- Walter Contoix, Oldsmar

* * *

I don't know where Mr. Shelton was during the NFL season, but he obviously wasn't watching the Bucs. Game after game we witnessed inept play calling, poor clock management, a lack of sound fundamentals and key offensive players being misused over and over. We had a winning season, you say? With the Buc's superb talent pool, it would have been hard not too. Should we have done better? Of course we should have. Ask any Bucs fan how hard this season was and they will tell you it drove them absolutely crazy.

Steve Spurrier, love him or hate him, will win anywhere he goes and in high octane fashion. He loves living in Florida and has proven again and again he can win here. Will the Bucs ownership be so ridiculously stupid as to let him get away now when the timing is so perfect? All of us fans looking to the future certainly hope not.
-- Dave Day, St. Petersburg

* * *

After watching Monday night's boring MNF finale between the Vikings and Ravens, the only thing I was interested in was hearing the post-game interview with Cris Carter. He referred to the Vikings as "they" and said he is going to play next year, but only for a team that is "in contention for a ring." In other words, he is not going to be wearing purple.

I think Carter would look really good in Pewter and Red. Yes, he is old. Yes, his numbers are fading. but he would be an instant upgrade alongside Keyshawn, and according to the guys on ESPN, all he does is catch touchdowns.

Note to Rich McKay: Please call Cris, today.
-- P. Michael Natale, Chicago

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