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Letters to the Editors

Stop complaining and get to work for Spring Hill

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published January 13, 2002

Editor: Re: Spring Hill association battles inertia, itself, Jan. 6 Hernando Times:

I have seen an attitude develop time and time again in Spring Hill during the 21 years I have lived here. There are so many people who dig up all kinds of undercover conspiracies, hidden agendas and sneak thievery they imagine our public servants and volunteers are busy foisting on them, that it is a wonder Spring Hill functions at all.

There was no self-serving "plot" by anyone when the beautification committee was formed. No one had personal gain of any kind in trying to improve the looks of Spring Hill Drive and help the Spring Hill Civic Association begin to care about the community. There was no self-serving plan to abscond with the civic association's treasury when these totally unselfish volunteers went to work to beautify the medians and the administration building at Kenlake Avenue.

What this community was given, free of charge, was a very small group of caring people who were willing to roll up their sleeves, work like dogs -- painting, wallpapering, climbing ladders -- and come up with a yearly Christmas event called, "Angels on High," to be enjoyed by the whole community. For those who came, it was a spark of hope that Spring Hill people finally could do something together and join in a celebration.

Now we're hearing that the workers who were there day and night took $1,200 for this project without formal approval. This is typical of the attitude I mentioned. I never saw Brian Moore or Karen Kraatz wielding a paint brush or hammer and nails. No one waited around to hear that telephone permission was given for the Christmas project and the volunteers collected enough money from people who came to see it to pay it back to the association's treasury.

I am heartsick that Collins Connor is no longer a member of the association. Former association president Jim McLaughlin, God rest his soul, would have been heartsick, too, if he had known how things turned out. Collins is one of my best friends, and when I worked with her at the Times, I never met a more honest and hard-working person.

I hope Ki Hill is right and the association survives, but people have to stop going there to give speeches, complain and think everyone is out to cheat them. They should just roll up their sleeves and get to work.
-- Louise Andryusky, Spring Hill

Incoming president correct to request association audit

Editor: Re: Spring Hill Civic Association turmoil.

I have known the president-elect of the Spring Hill Civic Association, Brian Moore, for many months and it has not only been a pleasure, but I feel it has been a privilege to know him. Anyone who meets and gets to know Brian soon learns of his intelligence, his honesty and his integrity. His intentions for a "better Spring Hill" and a more "accountable and efficient civic association" are admirable.

It was of no surprise to me that the active members of the civic association voted almost unanimously for him to be their president. Members saw a true leader and voted accordingly.

Any president-elect not only has a right, but a duty to himself and his constituents, to call for an outside audit of the association's finances. Without this information, how can any errors that may have transpired in the past get rectified? An audit is a means of making any organization accountable and above reproach.

It's apparent to me that in the past, some bylaws may have been broken or abused and nothing was done because it was at the convenience of that ruling board. Why the controversy now? As far as Brian's (former) political affiliation with the Reform Party, I have no problems or concerns. I've never known him to be political. My parents live in Spring Hill, and I have investments in Spring Hill and I would like full accountability of how and why the deed restrictions were not renewed in a timely fashion. I find it hard to believe the residents of Spring Hill did not consider deed restrictions an important issue. My parents and I would have liked to have been informed or surveyed on this issue.

I urge all residents of Spring Hill to pay your $10 dues, have your voice heard, support your new president, Brian Moore, be a part of revitalizing the civic association, and make Spring Hill once again a desirable place to live.
-- Kathy Cassese, Spring Hill

McIntosh has done a fine job for the county

Editor: Re: Spared, then this was aired, Jan. 10 Times:

First, I would like to congratulate County Administrator Paul McIntosh with regards to his professionalism, knowledge of the position and backbone to withstand current criticism, whether warranted or not. Who am I to decide that?

I have watched, via television, McIntosh's actions for some time. I have nothing but admiration with his accomplishments for Hernando County. Our Board of County Commissioners, from whom I also have great respect, may be doing their job under the current circumstances. However, who among us is perfect? I have lived a lifetime and have yet to find the perfect person, except, of course, my wife and children.

Many of us throw darts, but not many hit the bull's-eye. I repeat, who among us is perfect?

I further congratulate McIntosh on filing for other employment, should he desire to leave Hernando County, and I, for one, sincerely hope not. McIntosh should have no problem attaining employment, whatever his decision. My best goes with him and his family.
-- Bubba Becker, Spring Hill

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