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Letters to the Editors

Spurrier's timing is suspect

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 13, 2002

If Steve Spurrier actually wanted to be the underdog again, all he had to do was coach at Florida one more year. He'd be playing in Knoxville.

If Steve Spurrier actually wanted to be the underdog again, all he had to do was coach at Florida one more year. He'd be playing in Knoxville.
-- John McCann, via e-mail

Could it be coincidence that Spurrier resigned after watching the Hurricanes' dominating Rose Bowl performance? Could it be that he looked at the odds of beating Miami and FSU in the regular season, then smartly cashed in his chips? I would call this shrewd. Who in his right mind would want to play two Florida schools each season as nonconference games despite whatever it would do for your strength of schedule rating?
-- Jim Rapp, Safety Harbor

Spurrier has sure shocked the college football world. He has disappointed many, many Gator fans. I would be very upset to see him even considered for a job with the Bucs. Tony Dungy has done a wonderful job molding the Bucs into a good, respected team, and you couldn't ask for a better role model.
-- Karen B. Gauvreau, Clearwater

Thank you, Mutiny

As loyal Mutiny fans, we would like to say thank you to the players for always putting their fans first. In a time when many pro athletes are greedy, selfish celebrities who care very little about their fans, Mutiny players proved to be a rare, but wonderful exception. Carlos Valderrama, Josh Keller, Steve Ralston and others have impressed us with their class and gratitude. They have left their mark with thousands of young soccer players. Many of us will never support MLS as we used to. In addition, I would like to point to Bill Manning and the Glazers for the team's demise. Manning simply did a poor job as general manager. He should have done the league and team a favor and stepped down a year ago.

Also, the Glazers did nothing to help a poor, suffering team.

Angela Velasquez, Spring Hill
Superb skating analysis
Thanks to John Romano for his informative article on the U.S. Figure Skating National Championships (Kwan chooses change at an interesting time, Jan. 6). It was wonderful to see the sport recognized on the front page of the Sports section, instead of a mention somewhere in the In Brief section. His analysis was right on. An interesting omission was leaving Michael Weiss off your contenders list.
Joan Schell, St. Petersburg



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