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Letters to the Editors

Commissioner Rowden shouldn't take heat alone

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published March 3, 2002

Editor: For some time now, I've been reading the articles concerning County Administrator Paul McIntosh. It was about time to finally read what I consider a very-much-to-the-point article (Feb. 24 column by Jeff Webb, Rowden has the right to raise questions).

Kudos to Webb. I fully agree: Out with McIntosh. Keep Commissioner Diane Rowden.

Anyone who has been interested has surely read the same articles I've been reading and knows what I mean. I am glad to know we have Rowden representing us. It's about time the rest of the commissioners get off the fence and say what they think.

Don't let Ms. Rowden take the heat while the rest of you sit by and watch.

I did read one comment from Commissioner Nancy Robinson that addressed the situation.

I do not personally know anyone I've mentioned. These are strictly remarks from a concerned Hernando County citizen.

Speak up, Hernando.
-- Dotty Meloni, Brooksville

More things need to be sniffed out

Editor: Re: Dog finds bone parts, Feb. 26.

Isn't it great to see professionals at work?

This cadaver dog (Eagle), in less than five minutes, sniffed out bone fragments believed to be the remains of a murder back in 1991.

Let's hire Eagle and have him sniff around for some other unsolved stuff.

I wonder how he is at accounting?
-- John Albert, Spring Hill

Wingard not-guilty plea outrageous

Editor: Re: Slaying suspect pleads not guilty, Feb. 20 Times:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house. Do not let your neighbors see you cutting your lawn or painting your house. Hide your new car in the garage. Don't let them know you work every day, 9 to 5, and most days longer.

And never, ever let them see you smile, hold hands with your spouse or play with your children on the front lawn.

You may have a neighbor like Daniel Wingard.

His not-guilty plea is outrageous! Whose blood were you covered in, Mr. Wingard?

Save this community and the Altieri family the grief, money and time of a trial and confess your sins.

There are those who oppose the death penalty because they say only God has the right to put someone to death. And to Wingard, I say, only God has the right and power to forgive you for your sins.
-- Joseph Imbro, Spring Hill

Listen to sheriff on traffic control

Editor: Re: Bigger, better Wal-Mart stores benefit us all, Feb. 27 letter to the editor from Chester Potts:

To my knowledge nobody in Spring Hill has ever criticized Wal-Mart, its staff, or the way it runs its business. I shop at Wal-Mart almost daily. They are friendly, helpful and very competent.

Having said that, the problem with Wal-Mart is the location. The traffic on U.S. 19 has reached a critical stage.

I shudder to think what will happen when we add to the existing traffic problem, which we have no solution for.

We should pay close attention to whatever advice Sheriff Richard Nugent can give to the county commissioners. He is the expert on traffic control. His people will have to answer the calls when there are accidents.

Very likely, some will be fatal.

I understand there will be a median cut-away south of Spring Hill Drive where people from the south will be turning to get into Wal-Mart without a traffic light. This is a recipe for disaster.

Do we need to make Hernando County bigger? I don't think so. I have seen many bumper stickers saying "Pray for me, I drive U.S. 19."

Don't get me wrong; I believe in prayer. But the Sheriff's Office will need all the prayers we can give them.

The big test will come very soon for the county commissioners. Will they stand their ground and vote the will of the people? Or will they bend to pressure?

Whatever they do, we will be watching with interest how they vote. And we will be there in November with their test results.
-- Patrick Dennehy, Spring Hill

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