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Letters to the Editors

Many North Anclote Bar visitors show lack of respect for other people

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published March 3, 2002

Editor: I want to add my voice to the complaints about the North Anclote Bar.

Dogs are to be on a leash. I'm tired of being chased and barked at by someone's dear pet which runs loose while the owner is sitting off somewhere drinking his alcohol of choice.

By the way, he or she then gets into their boat and drives home. Can this be called drinking and driving and be considered illegal?

Also, consider all the trash left behind -- piles of unburned logs, broken furniture, plastic picnic tables, umbrellas, cans, bottles, diapers and clothes. The list is endless. This is debris that then ends up in the gulf. If you are one of the lucky boaters who use the sandbar during the week, you get to observe the mess left behind.

You are not forbidden from anchoring at the sandbar, picnicking, drinking on your boat or bringing your pet. The sandbar should be shared by nature's creatures and human creatures alike. Whatever happened to respect, not just for the environment but for fellow human beings?

I thank whoever made the "old sandbar" into the New Anclote North Bar.
-- Louise E. George, New Port Richey

Flat fire services fee would be fair

Editor: Once again the Pasco County Commissioners have failed their constituents. First, they denied us the chance to vote on a Penny For Pasco sales tax, and now they have decided not to use a more equitable taxing system to finance fire fighting. The plan proposed would have taxed all residents, not just those whose homes are appraised at more than $25,000.

Just because a property owners residence is appraised at $25,000 or less, do they get any fewer firefighters responding to their needs? Do they not have the same access to libraries, parks and roads as those of us who pay property tax?

I don't think asking homeowners who pay no property taxes to pay a flat fee of $20 or $40 annually for fire protection is too much.

Now the rest of us who pay property taxes will have our taxes raised, and those that don't pay any at all will still get a free ride.
-- Joan and Kent Abrams, Wesley Chapel

Hayhoe's inconsistencies troubling

Editor: After reading the article of Feb. 24 on Arthur Hayhoe and his Feb. 28 letter, I am not certain about what to believe on him anymore. Either this publication feels Mr. Hayhoe's cause needs some serious bolstering, or Mr. Hayhoe has a godfather in the right place.

For several years now I have heard what Mr. Hayhoe has said on radio and television as well as at county and other public hearings. In addition, I have read what he has written to this and other county publications and I know what I have written to these same publications refuting his erroneous claims and charges.

I and many others who stay abreast of this issue, find many inconsistencies not only between what has been recently published and what he has said in the past, but also in what he says from one week to the next on radio, television, public hearings or in the paper.

Consider this recent, though minor, example. On Feb. 24, he listed himself as the director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and by Feb. 28, he was the director of Floridians for Gun Safety, which lists the same three individuals as its officers, and Mr. Hayhoe is the only one living in Pasco County.

Mr. Hayhoe can lobby for what he wants, but I find his not being consistent these past years about his true agenda, deceptive.

He is doing what all gun control organizations and politicians are now doing, which is adopting a more acceptable facade under the guise of safety and reason in light of changing public opinion on the subject.

Mr. Hayhoe has missed the historical significance of licensing and registration. For someone who, as the article states, spent 25 years overseas, surely he has seen many examples of repressive governments and how ineffective licensing and registration is at stopping the criminal element. It is a shame that he has chosen to ignore his life experience and instead now tries to steer us in that same direction.
-- Ed Mejias, Land O'Lakes

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