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Letters to the Editors

Rich homeowners should remember less fortunate

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published April 21, 2002

Editor: I wonder how many people who live in the "upscale subdivisions" are from New York. I mention New York because I lived there.

Years ago, we bought a house in Huntington, Long Island, with all the extras. We paid $24,000. After a few years I had to sell it for personal reasons, and it sold for $48,000. A year or two later, that house sold for more than $500,000.

Now some of these "rich people," who probably sold their homes for more than $200,000, don't want to give the less fortunate a nice place to live.

My sister lives in Palm Harbor in an affordable complex and it is kept immaculate. I'm sure there will be rules and regulations and if they don't abide by them, they will have to leave.

Just remember: Now that you have an extra buck or two, recall when you had to stretch your dollars to buy a pair of shoes for your child. I remember.

We could have bought a house in an upscale subdivision, but I chose to live where we do. No one here puts their nose up to the less fortunate.
-- Dorothy Anderson, Spring Hill

All U.S. 19 drivers should carry a will

Editor: As words of warning to sane drivers on U.S. 19, I believe a sign should be erected at intervals indicating: slow lanes have been eliminated; drive at your own risk.

And, most importantly, carry a living will at all times.
-- Dario Capacasa, Spring Hill

New school starting time upsets parent

Editor: Re: Reactions to new school start times vary, April 14 Times:

I am upset to think that grown, educated people would say that students who should be ready to go out in the work force or college need to go to school later. Because they do not have the good sense to go to bed at a reasonable time, why should the rest of the children in the school district suffer?

I believe these high school kids would more than likely not go home if released earlier. They would be out and about doing God knows whatever.

I have an 8-year-old daughter who goes to bed at 9 p.m. to get up at 7 a.m. to catch a bus at 8 a.m. But, according to Denise Gill, it is going to be okay for the school system to force this on us so my daughter will now not only go to bed earlier, but will be catching the bus at 7 a.m. Does Ms. Gill know what time the sun rises and sets in the winter months? Is she going to be the one who will transport my daughter to and from before- and after-school day care, and also will she be the one to pay for extra expense of day care? If it is all right with Ms. Gill to have this option forced on us, then I believe she should be the one to pay.

I am a single parent who relies on my parent to watch my daughter. The times now work out for me, but if they are changed that means no one will be home for her or to meet her at the bus stop. She will inevitably become a latch-key child. I don't know if Ms. Gill is aware of all the crazy people in this world today who will just snatch, harm or possibly murder unsupervised children.

I wonder if the School Board realizes that catering to high school students, who should be ready to go out into the work force or college, will only hurt them. I believe the real working world will not cater to these children. I don't know any companies that will let these children come in and say, "I don't get enough rest. Can I start an hour later?"

Also, I believe that colleges will not let children direct them in setting the times for classes. They should be coming to school prepared and awake to perform their job (that of a student). Maybe the students need to have a curfew at home.

I don't believe this will be done in the best interest for elementary and middle schools.

Also, I have to wonder if parents will be involved in this monumental decision. The last decision that was decided on with starting the school year earlier was sent home for a vote. I still wonder about that vote. Or was that decision forced on upon us?
-- Clifford Alfano, Spring Hill

Support fire department's independence

Editor: Re: Independence for the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District:

"Independence." What a fitting name. It's about time our fire department was separated and protected from the ongoing problems with the county fire department.

Spring Hill firefighters have been taking care of Spring Hill residents for more than 25 years. Now, we residents need to show our support and protect the ones who protect us. Let's keep our firefighters and equipment here in Spring Hill where they belong. Support their independence.

I just hope our fire commissioners are not too wrapped up in their own personal agendas to let a golden opportunity pass us by.
-- Kimberly Smith, Spring Hill

Fire district takeover can be stopped

Editor: Since 1973, Spring Hill residents have benefited from the services provided by the dedicated professionals of the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District.

Outside of Spring Hill, the Hernando County Fire Department is being plagued by obvious financial and manpower shortfalls. To combat this, their chief, Mike Nickerson, is attempting to take over a majority of the city of Brooksville's fire department.

I am one who hopes he does not succeed, as the residents of Brooksville have made it clear they are content, both with the service they are given and the price they pay for it.

As a Spring Hill resident, my concern is the protection of our service. If Chief Nickerson continues to propel his operation into financial ruin, why would he not look to overtake Spring Hill and the services that, as Spring Hill residents, we own?

Spring Hill residents have options. We can stop this action long before it has a chance to become a reality. This can be done by allowing the Spring Hill Fire Department to become an independent fire district.

On April 24, the fire commissioners will meet to discuss this. I urge anyone who wants to be assured that the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District will always remain so, to join me in seeing that our fire commissioners do their part in supporting a cause that will protect our fire district. That is exactly what we have elected them to do.
-- Jennifer McLaren, Spring Hill

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