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Houston's slow pace at pick sets sluggish mood


© St. Petersburg Times, published April 21, 2002

Random thoughts on the NFL Draft from the couch:

Random thoughts on the NFL Draft from the couch:

We're in New York, it's noon, and it's time for Houston to officially make David Carr the No. 1 pick, since, you know, they signed him already and all. So go ahead Houston.


Hey, Houston!

Seven minutes to make a pick everyone knew they'd already made. Oh yeah, this is going to be a looooooong day.

Chris Mortensen's and Ron Jaworski's back-and-forth argument about whether Carr's sidearm delivery should be changed is entertaining. Mortensen is right, by the way -- leave Carr alone.

Detroit takes Joey Harrington, and Jimmy Johnson takes a thinly veiled shot at Detroit coach Marty Mornhinweg, saying the team needs a quarterbacks coach. Mornhinweg handled those responsibilities last year, and, well, Ty Detmer happened.

The Electronic Arts commercials featuring top picks Roy Williams, Bryant McKinnie and Co. talking smack about the video game Madden 2003 makes me really, really, really want to crank up the PlayStation 2. But I demur, because I like my job.

One quick game wouldn't hurt, though, would it?

I wonder how much the worthless piece of scrap paper with Ryan Sims' name on it would fetch on eBay?

Nice job, Minnesota.

Two words for the Vikings if that ever happens again -- paper airplane.

"There's no excuse for not being ready," Johnson said of the Vikings missing out on Sims.

"They're the Bengals!" shouted Mortensen as explanation after Cincinnati drafted tackle Levi Jones.

"I don't understand some of these teams," said Johnson, referring to, what else, the Bungles as the guys pile on.

I wish Jay Mohr's ESPN show was as funny as his commercial spoofing the Home Shopping Network.

I like Mike Tirico, and here's why:

First, Tirico was in the right spot at the right time in chasing down the Minnesota fiasco, calling it "as bizarre as I've seen down here on the floor since we've been doing the draft."

Then he got Atlanta running back Jamal Anderson on the phone from Barcelona, Spain after he was done doing an NFL Europe broadcast for rival Fox Sports Net to comment on the Falcons' pick of T.J. Duckett.

Good stuff.

I enjoyed the Warrick Dunn-as-starting-running-back-in-Atlanta era, didn't you?

Does the draft ever truly begin until Jets fans are upset over their team's choice? It was worth the 4 1/2-hour wait just to see the disappointed faces when the Jets took Brian Thomas from football powerhouse Alabama-Birmingham.

From a Jets fan: "It makes no sense."

It never does, does it?

Dwight Freeney to Tony Dungy. In Dungy's system, this guy has All-Pro written all over him.

Uh-oh, exciting New England coach Bill Belichick is being interviewed.

He's dodging questions and talking slowly ... and ... I ... must ... (yawn) ... keep ... eyes ... open ...

What was the most immovable object seen on ESPN's coverage of the NFL draft -- Texas' Mike Williams, Miami's McKinnie, or Johnson's hair?

Chris Berman said it was officially the longest first round in history. No, really?

ESPN2, here we come.

Sign of the times: Alabama-Birmingham 2, Notre Dame 0.

I wonder if I'm Giant draft pick Tim Carter's cousin, too?

Yawwwwn. When do the Bucs pick?

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