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Letters to the Editors

Brown-Waite has been good friend to Citrus

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published May 12, 2002

Editor: Re: Introduction fails to make impression, May 1 letter to the editor:

Recently you published a letter from a reader critical of Sen. Ginny Brown-Waite's lack of legislative contributions to Citrus County. While I believe in the chips falling where they may, in this case the reader was badly misinformed and consequently unfairly impugned Sen. Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville.

In fact, where I was either refused assistance in the companion filing of bills by Sen. Anna Cowin, R-Leesburg, or recognized the futility of expecting either her or Sen. Richard Mitchell, D-Jasper, to support companion legislation, Sen. Brown-Waite was there. Her assistance included the Coastal Zone bills, the Hernando-Citrus Waterways Bill, the Springs and Muck bills, the Civics bill (purely Citrus County constituent-driven) and others.

If calling things by their proper name has value, and we are to otherwise be fair, then Sen. Brown-Waite has been a friend of Citrus County.
-- Rep. Nancy Argenziano, R-Crystal River

Guest writer has contributed nothing but critical verbiage

Editor: Re: "Commissars' not working for their constituency, April 30 guest column by Chris Lloyd:

Who is this mystery man? We know very little about him except he lives in Lecanto and the Citrus Times newspaper ends his commentaries with the disclaimer that he "writes his own views and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the newspaper."

What I have been able to discern is that he speaks with a British accent, talks in communistic lingo ("commissars"), and has never voted in this county or this country.

The verbiage in his article of April 30 would be somewhat amusing and frivolous, except for the fact that the underlining basis of his thoughts strike a tone of bitter animosity and a distinct lack of constructive thinking.

The question then is raised: Can the ordinary person gain anything from his rantings regarding our government here in Citrus County? Since Citrus County is so poorly run, (his words, not mine) I wonder why this man has chosen this place as his abode.

He mentions the ". . . wishes of the illiterate and uninformed masses who form the general population" and then rushes to change the subject in the next paragraph, never considering that he had just insulted the masses of Citrus County.

His whole demeanor depicts criticism, and criticism only. What has Lloyd done to improve matters here, and what has he offered as change?
-- Ruth J. Anderson, Homosassa

Coverage of Relay for Life was pathetic, disappointing

Editor: What a slap in the face and disappointment when I picked up the Times Sunday and saw what poor coverage the volunteers and customers of the Times got for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event at Crystal River High School.

The heart and soul that was put into such a huge success, versus the single photo published by the Times, was evidence that the Times wasn't interested in the impact the event had on Citrus County.

This event was a celebration for Citrus County survivors of a deadly disease, the same people whose interests you are supposed to focus your coverage on in this section of your newspaper. You failed your readers this time, and from the writers up to the publisher, you should be ashamed of yourselves for such a pathetic effort.
-- Harry B. Oates, Homosassa

Interfaith Council denounces racial slur on building wall

Editor: Re: Vandal splatters slur on walls, Wednesday Times:

At its May 8 board meeting, the Interfaith Council of Citrus County denounced the appearance of a racial slur on the wall of a Homosassa insurance company building. The council board felt such action by the person or people responsible is intended to divide the community along racial lines. The board feels it is unacceptable behavior for Citrus County today.

The Interfaith Council is asking people of all faiths to speak out against such behavior and for the leaders of all religious organizations to openly and vigorously support cooperation and understanding between the races in our county.

The board went on to offer praise to Alex Cifuentes for his quick action in erasing the graffiti at no cost to the insurance company.
-- Ray O'Connell, on behalf of the ICCC

Tree ordinance needed? Just check site at Stevens, Croft

Editor: If anyone in Citrus County thinks we don't need a strict tree ordinance (not including the majority of our county commissioners, whose only green they appreciate is in their wallets, or local builders who haven't a clue how to build without raping and scraping the land), please take a gander at the corner at Stevens Street and Croft Road.

Do we really want our lovely county to end up looking like that?
-- Clara Weaver, Inverness

Mother's love, forgiveness a child's most precious gift

Editor: Mothers. They are priceless. This verse in Proverbs says it beautifully, "Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies."

Mothers are our first teachers, nurses, chefs and counselors. They love us, correct us, protect us, guide us and govern us. They show us true unselfishness. And most of all, they forgive us.

Mary Baker Eddy, a mother who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, wrote, "A mother's affection cannot be weaned from her child, because the mother-love includes purity and constancy, both of which are immortal. Therefore, maternal affection lives on under whatever difficulties."

A mother's love and forgiveness are the most precious gifts a child can have. I am certainly grateful for my mother's forgiving all the wrong turns in my life. Knowing that I had a loving home I could return to and the beautiful example of parents who have led good and caring lives enabled me to pick up the pieces of my life more than once.

Let's all be grateful for the mothers in our lives and the mothering qualities of the men in our lives this year. The world is a better place because of all the maternal love and forgiveness expressed every day.
-- Katherine Leech, Floral City

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