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Citrus High School tribute

By Times staff writer
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published May 24, 2002

Honor graduates -- Citrus High School Class of 2002

Summa cum laude: Meaggen Anderson, James Baker, Emily Banks, Jessica Baum, Tricia Bent, Chrissy Berry, Susan Bierley, Cinthya Chin, Melissa Davis, Maria Delfin, Lindsay Ersch, Christina Fields, Christina Fifer, Shannon Finck, Michael Fitzpatrick, Sarah Gemble, Kelly Hanlon, Jodi Hasel, Katie Hendrick, Kristen Hensley, Chad Humphrey, Jessica Jarvis, Joe Kidd, Laurie Kusmaul, Rachel Landau, Theresa Roberts, Justin Sanchez, Stephen Smith, Charles Staten, Cynthia Trespalacios, Chester Wheeler.

Magna cum laude: Jenny Bigge, Stephanie Bird, Vanessa Brooks, Alexander Deutschman, Mollie Heisner, Robert Hostetler, Kristen Howard, Trevor Jones, Ashley Laborda, Brendan Luce, Elisa Masson, Glenda Weeks, Kelly Willis.

Cum laude: Jessica Acosta, Meghan Arnold, Elena Beguiristain, Lauren Brockway, Curtiss Bryant, Crystal Claybourne, Krystle Cummings, Cassie Dunn, Darla Edge, Alysia Fedor, Nicole Feldman, Eva Fritzsche, Erica Funaiole, Melissa Gatto, Paul Gosack, DeAnne Groves, Chris Hamilton, Chris Himmel, Nathaniel Hine, Alyse Johnson, Cassandra Junker, Kelly Keyes, Tiffany Koch, Amber Lewis, Lita Lofton, Jessica Macdonald, Stephanie Moore, Heath Pericht, Matthew Rall, Jacklyn Salozzo, Steven Schmidt, Julia Schuy, Brandon Shelton, Justin Taylor, Selena Vicario, Jaime Warner, Brandie White, Jeffrey Whitehurst.


Class song -- How You Remind Me by Nickelback

Class officers -- Melissa Davis, president; Cindy Trespalacios, vice president; Meaggen Anderson, secretary; Elena Beguiristain, treasurer.

Class contribution to the school -- the mural painted in the cafeteria.

* * *

The students surveyed: A sample of students from Citrus High School was asked to comment on various aspects of senior life during their last year. The participating students were taken from one of Bruce Nelson's economics class. Here are some of the traits of the CHS Class of 2002 according to this particular cross section of students.

Sept. 11: Citrus High seniors seem to take the life-changing event to heart for the most part and commented on how it changed their outlooks on the future. "Live life to the fullest," said Kara Johnston, "because you never know what's in store for tomorrow."

"Life is so important," said Celia Delgado."Live your life to its fullest."

"It opened their (seniors) eyes and let them realize they're not invincible and life is short," said Brian Bergeson. "So enjoy it."

(Sept. 11 taught the class) "to secure a serious future and more than likely work harder," said David Klaeger.

"To take advantage of all opportunities and to live and love life," said Audrey Bellamy.

"Be thankful for your life," said Katie Gosselin.

I want my Taco Bell: Even nine months after they lost senior off-campus lunch privileges, some of the seniors are still pretty bitter about it. Heather Lee gave credit to class president Melissa Davis because "she stood for our rights to have our senior lunch back."

Matt Bennett thought his class was unique because of the lunch change. "We don't have senior lunch due to Mr. Mullen," he said.

Frankie Salatino agreed, "No senior lunch, due to Mr. Mullen."

We've got style: Familiar names came up when the students were asked about the looks that were in during their senior year. They mentioned Tommy (Hilfiger), American Eagle, Nike and the GAP. But most were very open-minded about what to wear. "Every student had their own style," said Heather Lee.

"If it's comfortable," said Celia Delgado, "wear it."

"The style depends on the person's characteristics," said Audrey Bellamy.

"Anything that we feel like wearing," said Bob Dole.

Although the collective thought seemed to be do your own thing, a couple of students did mention current trends. "Bright colors and stylish style," said Krissi Castiglione, and "Capri," said Nina Gilbert.

This class is special: Some students mentioned reasons why the CHS Class of 2002 was unique. "We all have a future!" said Brian Bergeson.

"Everyone has known one another at one time or another and mostly feel comfortable with each other," said David Klaeger.

"Our class, we're all so different from one another, but in the end we all appreciate one another," said Celia Delgado.

"We have a lot of school spirit," said Kara Johnston.

Advice to the underlings: This class of seniors had plenty to say to the underclassmen. "Plan for your future," said Audrey Bellamy, "because life is like a game of checkers, every move affects the future."

"Try your hardest and strive for the best you can do," said Krissi Castiglione. "Don't cut yourself short."

"Work your hardest," said Jennifer Adams, "it'll be worth it in the end."

"Know what you want in life," said Heather Lee, "and don't procrastinate."

"Give it all you have. You don't want regrets in the future," said Nocan Williams.

"Never give up," said Bob Dole.

"Give it your best shot," said Brian Bergeson. "High School only comes around once."

* * *

CHS Awards: At their awards program lots of money was offered to many students for college. This is a summary of those awards.

Students offered Bright Future Scholarships from the state of Florida: 118.

Amount of dollars offered to students from local businesses: approximately $3,700.

Amount of dollars given by organizations and churches (most of them, local): approximately $43,450.

Amount of scholarships offered by colleges and universities (some students receive more than one offer and must choose): approximately $668,000 (This amount does not include money from Bright Future Scholarships.)

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