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Site Seeing

Annoying the annoyers

By JULES ALLEN, Times correspondent
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published June 3, 2002

Annoying the annoyers

Call me during dinner and try to sell me something. I dare you, because I'm armed with new knowledge and as ready as I'll ever be. I have a new script by the phone and it's ripped right from the page above. It's a surefire way to never get a call from the same telemarketing outfit twice. It's equally invasive and annoying as the call that makes you get up after you've taken the first bite of your dinner. Thank you, Junkbusters.

Patently dumb

Who says lawyers are a bunch of stuffed shirts? Well, on the record nobody will for fear of being sued, of course. But perhaps these lawyers are okay. This law firm seem to have a grasp on the absurd and a sense of humor. Patents and copyright, rather than being a tool of protection for inventors and little guys, seem to have morphed into a competitive sledgehammer for large companies to beat others with. To help celebrate this mess, this page lists all manner of dumb, obvious or otherwise laughable patents. Plus, it has links to other relevant sites.


When you think of technology disasters, your mind probably drifts off to your office Internet access going down as you're about to sell a bear stock on one of the cheap trade Web sites. Or, perhaps, that time you tried to make a printer cable fit in the back of the PC by tapping it with a small hammer (only to realize that wasn't the USB port you were tapping it into). No, the tech disasters on this site are on a much grander scale, with nary a Web site or disk crash in sight. Do yourself a favor and click the Single Page View link at the bottom or you'll be scrolling forever more

Good hair day

Ah, the joys of approaching middle age. Something to savor, no? My theory is that somehow one's belly button is attached to the hair follicles. As your chubby middle edges toward the desk, the hair on the head is sucked back in. I also think that pigeon heads are attached to their legs with elastic bands (just watch them walk), so my alchemist-era biology might not be something to tell your kids. Should your midlife crisis require looking like Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys, head over to this site where they have the lowdown on hair removal from the ears up.

Macs only

Here's a good one for nerds and techno-obsessives: Your very own vertical(ish) search from Google. The first link, rather obviously, will immerse your whims in all things Macintosh. Add /linux or /bsd after the domain name and you'll be plunged into searches for those technologies, too. As rightly pointed out by a colleague, there's no specific Windows technology search. But when you've got 90 percent or so market share, you don't really need a filter, do you? Here's hoping Google never becomes evil and turns on us. I think we're already almost too dependent on it.

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