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Surfing to the Windows Update page

By JOHN TORRO, Times Correspondent
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published June 3, 2002

Q. You advised your readers to go to When you do this, you get a "Page cannot be displayed" message. You have to add Microsoft to that Web page address to raise that site.

A. The address should automatically redirect you to the Windows Update site. If this is not happening, perhaps your browser is configured to ignore re-directs.

Manual Window updates

Q. Thank you for telling us how to get rid of the critical update nuisance. Now that I've done it, I'm wondering: Since I use the Internet (but not every day), was it checking automatically and just not telling me? And why do I need to run the manual Windows Update?

A. Yes, it was. You need to run the manual Windows Update mostly for the Outlook Express and Internet Explorer security updates (as well as some others, but these are the main reasons). The Windows Update installs only the updates that you select.

Bothersome software remnants

Q. I use Windows 98 SE. When I click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, I get a loading error that says, "Resource DLLs (JCCRSENU and JCCRSGLB) required by the Control Center failed." After I click OK, it opens. However, I noticed an icon that looks like a page with the Windows logo. I can't open it, nor delete it.

A. Both jccrsenu and jccrsglb are code library files from Logitech joystick software. You must have installed this software along with the drivers at one time. If you reinstall the Logitech software, the problem will go away. Uninstalling it later may result in the same problem since there has been some speculation that the uninstall does not completely work and will leave these code remnants behind. You may want to contact Logitech support ( for an answer.

Mysterious comings and goings

Q. I have five computers, all running Windows 2000. All are different in age and configuration. I had set up the computers to hibernate. After a week or so, the hibernate tab disappeared from the power options and I couldn't get it back. I tried reinstalling Windows, reinstalling the drivers, etc. About a week later, the tab magically reappeared with the enable checked and worked for about a week. Then it disappeared and I am going crazy trying to find out what is doing this. I have experienced some power transients and the newest computer seems to be more sensitive to surges during power up, such as when you turn on the printer during startup. Any suggestions?

A. One of the best troubleshooting resources available with Windows 2000/NT is the Event Viewer (Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer). Check the System log for instances of hardware failures or other potential problems. Hibernation is hardware/driver dependent. Maybe the Event Viewer can give you a clue as to what is happening.

Alphabetizing your favorites

It was pointed out by some readers that maybe those having trouble alphabetizing their Internet Explorer Favorites lists are clicking on the Favorites icon on the Explorer bar rather than the Favorites menu (the word Favorites on the menu bar). I never use the Favorites icon and it did not occur to me that this may be the source of confusion. So for everyone exasperated trying to follow my instructions, make sure you click on the menu bar Favorites (next to File, Edit, View), then right-click and select Sort by Name. See, I told you it was easy. Thanks to those who wrote in to help clear the confusion. When you do this, you get a "Page cannot be displayed" message. You have to add Microsoft to that Web page address to raise that site.">

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