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Letters to the Editors

If the Lightning won't pay, then neither will fan

© St. Petersburg Times, published July 7, 2002

It's nice to know Lightning general manager Jay Feaster is honest enough with the fans to say he won't be going after big-name free agents.

It's nice to know Lightning general manager Jay Feaster is honest enough with the fans to say he won't be going after big-name free agents.

Being a fan, I'd like to be honest in saying with that attitude, I won't be going after any Lightning hockey tickets this season.
-- Greg Fudala, Largo

Strike? Hello beach!

I am a lifelong baseball fan and have attended major-league and spring training games since 1960. My love for the game has waned over the years as players and owners have distanced themselves from the fans.

I served in the military for 20 years and saw commitment, dedication and self-sacrifice in our young people in uniform that shames the behavior displayed in baseball. To witness the ballplayers and owners of today and their total lack of these qualities sickens me. If a strike occurs I will turn my back on major-league baseball and reserve more time for the beach.
-- Richard Guitard, Tampa

Keep away from the park

The Bucs must reconsider the location of their new training facility near Trout Creek Wilderness Park. A spreading canopy of live oaks occupies this site. Hillsborough County Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program has nominated it for purchase, based on its unique and irreplaceable ecology.

The site is used for recreation. Adjacent lands are designated as a natural corridor of the county Greenway System and furthermore, it is a violation of the county Land Development Code, which protects public lands from adverse impacts associated with development of adjacent parcels. Sprawl (restaurants, gas stations) will be encouraged in this area to accommodate increased traffic to the facility.

Keep what little is left of the natural landscape in North Tampa.
-- Christina Raymond, Venice

World Cup? No thanks!

With the World Cup over, I would like to say two words: Thank God. Don't get me wrong, I was surprised and proud of the U.S. team's effort. But we have been told for years soccer will be as big here as it is in the rest of the world. Soccer is boring. Scoring in most games is either 1-0 or 2-1, and after a team scores first, it becomes a defensive game. And there is more flopping than in an NBA game. The day soccer will be as big in the United States as the rest of the world is the day after we start using the metric system.
-- Garry Coyle, Redington Shores

Thanks for autos coverage

Let Joanne Korth know how much I appreciated her awesome and interesting interview with Kerry Earnhardt. I am a NASCAR fan who likes Dale Earnhardt Jr. a lot, but also is interested in Kerry. There just aren't a lot of sources out there for him, in print or even online. I think her article was one of the better ones I've read.

I also enjoy any NASCAR coverage Korth provides in the Times. The best part is seeing a woman's name next to all the auto racing articles.
-- Kim Salter, St. Petersburg


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