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Unlike Mike, this movie is about average

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published July 8, 2002

Movie: Like Mike

  • Rating: PG

Summary: Calvin Cambridge (Lil' Bow Wow) is a 4-foot-8 14-year-old orphan. When he claims a pair of shoes (donated to the orphanage) rumored to have been owned by Michael Jordan, he tries them on and watches his basketball skills suddenly flourish. He gets signed into the NBA by the Los Angeles Knights and goes on the road with the team. His main focus, though, continues to be getting adopted.
Arf. Arf. It's Lil’ Bow Wow.
Lil’ Bow Wow in Like Mike.
My View: In the big movie scheme of things, Like Mike is about average. This one has the good guys, the bad guys, the cute kids, the action; Lil' Bow Wow is the force that really carries this movie, though. He did a fine job for his first big-screen role and definitely has potential in the acting world. He's the likable kind of kid moviegoers love. (Even if he has grown up enough drop the Lil' from his name.)

Least Favorite Part: This type of plot has been done a thousand times. It was completely predictable, and there were absolutely no surprises. That was the major turnoff to this film.

Recommendations: Any basketball fan will love it because it is primarily about basketball and there are so many cameos made by NBA players. Lil' Bow Wow fans, and kids in general, will like it, too. To the rest of the audiences, though, this movie will seem mediocre.

Grade: C

- Billy Norris, 14, will be in the ninth grade at Seminole High School, and is a former member of the Times X-Team.

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