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Letters to the Editors

A Ted-to-Ted-to-Ted triple play

© St. Petersburg Times, published July 14, 2002

The starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox in 2024:

The starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox in 2024:

1. Ted Williams.

2. Ted Williams.

3. Ted Williams.

4. Ted Williams.

5. Ted Williams.

6. Ted Williams.

7. Ted Williams.

8. Ted Williams.

9. Ted Williams.

Pitching: John-Henry Williams.
-- Peter Chilos, Clearwater

What about the fans?

The All-Star Game is the perfect example of what has come to be standard for Major League Baseball. The owners and league only care about revenue from rear ends in seats and TV commercials. The players only care about getting paid and "being there." Only the fans appear to care about who wins or loses, and no one cares about what the fans think.
-- Todd Williams, St. Petersburg

A lesson in nomenclature

In the mid 1950s, Montgomery Ward opened a store in St. Petersburg. Shortly after opening, it ran an ad saying Ted Williams would host a fishing clinic at the store. I went, and sure enough, there he was. During the seminar, one of the people in the audience asked a question about a "fishing pole."

Williams answered, in a somewhat sarcastic voice, "A pole is what you put a flag on. A rod is what you fish with." I haven't used the term "fishing pole" since.
-- Tom O'Neil, Largo

No fooling: Sexism is real

For Bob Harig to say that Hootie Johnson is not a sexist is like saying the Mississippi politicians in the 1960s who allowed African-Americans to ride the bus as long as they rode in the back were not racists. Give me a break, Bob. The only ones you and Hootie are fooling are yourselves.
-- Debbie L. Shifferd, Tampa

Thanks for tennis columns

Kudos to the Times and Gary Shelton for his incredibly thought-provoking columns during this year's Wimbledon tournament. They have enhanced my already high level of enjoyment of this great event and given my family a lot of great conversation starters. We all agree that Shelton is a great asset to your publication and one of the many reasons I have subscribed to the Times for the past 20-plus years.
-- Deb Cheatham, Lecanto

Leave Anna alone!

What a nasty and mean-spirited column Gary Shelton wrote (Beauty should be win deep, July 4) vilifying and degrading tennis star Anna Kournikova. It is hoped that only a few sleazy papers carried his article, which brings no credit to its author or to your paper. Kournikova is not the No. 1-ranked player in the world. Few can lay claim to that title. She is, however, a world-class player, among the best in the game, who also happens to be exceedingly beautiful. And for all these attributes, she is being justifiably recognized. Her glamor and her athletic talents are sought-after within and outside the sport. And she is entitled to capitalize on them as would any other person so gifted.
-- Joseph Winkler, Mariposa, Calif.

Age isn't everything

Why was it necessary for you to insert the age of Juli Inkster under the main headline (One for the ages, Monday) after her win at the U.S. Women's Open? This was most inappropriate. I also found the reference to her age and other statements made by the broadcasters inappropriate. I don't recall hearing comments like these during PGA events.
-- Marcia Muether, Spring Hill


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