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Satina the latest look in stainless steel

By Times Staff Writer
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published August 3, 2002


People love the look of stainless steel, but they don't love the smudges and finger marks that show and require constant wiping.

Whirlpool's new Conquest line of refrigerators has a stainless-look finish of coated aluminum, called Satina, that repels body oils and resists fingerprints and smudges. The surface can be cleaned with household window cleaners instead of special stainless steel cleaners.

The Satina finish holds magnets, which stainless steel appliances won't, something that has generated complaints from consumers who want to stick the grocery list or soccer schedule on their refrigerator.

The carbon content of stainless steel used for appliances is too low to hold a magnet. Stainless items made from steel with higher carbon content will grab a magnet, brand manager Roger Finch said.

Satina-finish refrigerators will be priced the same as stainless. The finish will be expanded to other products in the coming year.

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