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By Times staff

© St. Petersburg Times, published August 22, 2002

Now serving Matthew Perry

Now serving Matthew Perry

While Jennifer Aniston appears poised for life beyond Friends with a lauded turn in The Good Girl, her sitcom co-star Matthew Perry, right, is still looking for a movie niche that isn't already occupied. His new movie, Serving Sara, looks cut from the same worn material as The Whole Nine Yards, another mob comedy starring Perry's artificial pizazz. Perry's smugness is invested in the role of Joe Tyler, a process server stopping at nothing to make sure legal documents are delivered to the parties in question. The latest target is a slippery one, an apparent gold digger (Elizabeth Hurley, left) set up for divorce. There's more to her story than meets the eye, and most of it leads to underworld connections. How much do you want to bet that they wind up in love between the bullets? Serving Sara opens nationwide Friday.

Prison brawl

Mike Tyson's controversial career will make a great movie someday. For now, we have Undisputed, a tabloid-level fantasy reminiscent of the prison phase of Tyson's biography. Ving Rhames (Con Air, Pulp Fiction) plays James "Iceman" Chambers, an unbeaten heavyweight boxer convicted of rape and sent to California's Sweetwater Prison. Upon his arrival, Iceman learns that Monroe Hutchen (Wesley Snipes) is the undefeated champion behind bars. Iceman plays it cool, hoping to be freed, but an aging wiseguy inmate (Peter Falk) forces him into a title fight with Hutchen. Undisputed was directed by Walter Hill (The Warriors, Last Man Standing), a specialist in such macho confrontations. Undisputed was screened too late for Weekend. See Friday's page 2B for a review.

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