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A taste of blogs

By Times staff

© St. Petersburg Times, published September 9, 2002

Blogs can cover just about any topic. Here are samples, in their own words:

Blogs can cover just about any topic. Here are samples, in their own words:


Site description: "Just the rantings and ravings of a wife and mother. We have five children, an iguana and a dog. I work for a nonprofit organization assisting folks to become employed. We have all types of ups and downs and all kinds of love. We are racially mixed. Very crazy. Love life on life's terms."

Excerpt: "I need some help with the house. Don't you think if Leroy is going to work side jobs and make extra money, that he should give me an extra 50 or 75 dollars to get someone in to help with the house. It's not like I don't work full time, now I have to take Lee Lee to tutoring four times a week, we have Awanas and church on Wednesday nights, I go into the jail for outreach on Tuesdays, and once a month on Thursdays there is 4-H. That's not counting things that just pop up. Jake can't help anymore, he works all the time on weekends, and nights like tonight he is 'out.' I guess I HAVE to let him out sometimes, but I need HELP in this house! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe if I got off the computer . . . "


Site description: "Regular doses of high octane information from Mudd PR & Marketing. Get the latest on a wide array of clients and topics, plus read regular editorial content and discover what's going on everywhere in the world by accessing this PR, marketing, news and editorial portal. Plus, get free PR and marketing tips by subscribing to the Mudd PR & Marketing Blog!"

Excerpt: "Will members of Congress one day have blogs? Dave Winer over at Scripting News seems to think so. Political campaign consultants could really draw more attention to their candidates using blogs. If you want to know how, e-mail me so we can talk. Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and have a wonderful day. Blog on!"


Site description: "Diary of a twentysomething hopeful RN dealing with the loss of her beloved father, betrayal of her now-ex-fiance, and the effort of trying to put her life back together."

Excerpt: "I'm cleaning my room. I want it to be completely cleared of all c-- before the school year starts so that I can fill it with new c--. Anyway, while I was digging around in my closet, I came across a plastic bag tied mysteriously shut. I opened it to see what was inside and found a bunch of pictures in picture frames, a few greeting cards and some CDs. It took a minute of sitting down and thinking about it for me to realize that these things were the items I had put up in my father's Hospice room for the few hours he was there. The CDs were the ones I had grabbed from home to bring in and play in my Dad's room . . . a last-ditch effort, I suppose, to have him listen to something I loved, to share something with him one last time."


Site: Scripting News

Excerpt: "I did several back and forths via e-mail with Larry Lessig, we got to an interesting place. Late last night he posted a lengthy piece on his Weblog. It's a bit snooty, but what the heck, we're big boys. It's good to see the professor use the medium. By the end of the piece we're in agreement. The most powerful tool we have is the vote. And while he's a newbie to Weblogs, it's the most powerful way to route around the media monopoly owned by our common opponents."


Site: Instapundit

Excerpt: "I'VE BEEN TRYING TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO NORTH AFRICA, but it's hard to get much news out of some places, and the problem seems to have gotten worse of late. The links I usually use for Chad are no longer there, and this is the best I seem to be able to find. If you know of some good news sites, please e-mail me."

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