9/11 -- St. Petersburg Times Special Report

Sunday, Sept. 1
  • Florida: Terror's launching pad
  • The 19 plotters and their day of terror
  • Remembering

    Monday, Sept. 2
  • When tragedy meets capitalism
  • '9/11 fatigue' is natural, mental health experts say

    Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • Coping as a kid
  • Eric Deggans: 9/11 documentary asks troubling questions about religion
  • Sept. 11 photograph exhibit opens

    Wednesday, Sept. 4
  • Millions in new funding don't guarantee security
  • Donations to local charities slow in months after attacks
  • Sept. 11 donations swamp charities
  • Bush to visit three attack sites on 9/11

    Thursday, Sept. 5
  • Attack anniversary is living history lesson
  • Trading fallback system improved
  • Future of site still beset by debate

    Friday, Sept. 6
  • Senate approves plan to allow armed pilots
  • Dream job becoming demoralizing
  • New plane doors would withstand gunfire
  • What ever happened to ... Those patriotic paint jobs?
  • The other 911
  • Consolidated for the cause

    Saturday, Sept. 7
  • In chaos, TIA tower controlled 9/11 skies
  • Congress, N.Y. reaffirm solidarity
  • Traveling can be nicer in rougher countries
  • For TIA workers, 'normal' not what it used to be
  • Airlines don't see relief over horizon
  • Terror only one blow to tourism
  • A year later, it's the home fires that burn brightly
  • Flying the flag

    Sunday, Sept. 8
  • 125 Cedar Street
  • The drama in Sarasota
  • Cautious, yes, but still traveling
  • As security increases, fervor fades
  • Rising risks
  • Finding lessons in rubble of tragedy
  • Public loss, private grief
  • Duty calls; he goes; they wait
  • Riled residents show true colors
  • Keeping her distance
  • Which way leads up?
  • For the record
  • 45 Questions
  • A lexicon of terror, post-9/11
  • Before attacks, this was the news
  • Other events on Sept. 11
  • Voice mail delivers, retains final words
  • Keeping us rolling
  • 9.11
  • How we'll view it

    Monday, Sept. 9
  • The residue of terror
  • Patriotism is more than emotion
  • What ever happened to . . .: Our religious fervor?
  • The nightmares return
  • Life has the right-of-way
  • Free to disagree
  • 'Time has not healed the pain'
  • Deputies to step up patrol for anniversary
  • Security upgrade since 9/11 slow, steady
  • Enthusiasm for PHCC's security classes dissipates
  • Teachers untangle Sept. 11 lessons
  • A bumpy year for business
  • The man who would have led Afghanistan
  • People who made the headlines

    Tuesday, Sept. 10
  • Multitude to gather to wave U.S. flags
  • Pictures evoke profound feelings
  • Attacks haven't boosted sales of cell phones
  • Schools discover ways to reflect on attacks
  • Flags still wave, but sales fall from peak
  • Three fathers lost
  • Telemarketers easing up on 9/11
  • Nuclear plant adds security layers to prevent terrorism
  • Cough, stress hinder emergency workers
  • Families of missing sit in limbo
  • Places of importance after the attacks

    Wednesday, Sept. 11
  • Remembrance and renewal
  • Flags Along the Bayshore: Tampa Remembers 9/11
  • Ways of remembering
  • A piece of paper . a blue and white truck
  • Is America ready for another attack?
  • Nation to honor victims in silence
  • Poll: Compassion remains
  • The war so far
  • Terror update
  • Attack on Iraq would test headquarters at MacDill
  • 09-11-01 Perspectives
  • Those who died in the attacks
  • Myriad rescue agencies trust their link won't fail
  • Photo gallery
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    Thursday, Sept. 12
  • Emotional service honors those who died selflessly
  • Elements of pride
  • Echo of 9/11 empties airport
  • A day full of tributes, flags and questions
  • Prayer, fellowship pull many through agonizing anniversary
  • Tributes great and small
  • Children in a changed world pause to reflect
  • Citrus recalls 9/11 with its heart
  • Marking the imponderable
  • Ministers assure that God was there that sorrowful day
  • Chime recalls a nation's losses
  • For law officers, day passes quietly
  • Residents gather to heal, remember
  • In big and small ways, our community pays tribute
  • Cities somberly mark Sept. 11
  • Patriotic display greets drivers
  • Day of grief, resolve
  • At county schools, remembrance resounds
  • Travel lags on attacks' anniversary
  • They were us
  • Americans worldwide cautious on anniversary
  • Radical Muslims discuss 'positive outcomes' of Sept. 11
  • Amid grief, Bush gives warning

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    Multitude to gather to wave U.S. flags

    Army Gen. Tommy Franks will join the commemoration on Bayshore Boulevard of Sept. 11.

    By BABITA PERSAUD, Times Staff Writer
    © St. Petersburg Times
    published September 10, 2002

    Route: Flags Along the Bayshore
    TAMPA -- In the beginning, they were worried.

    "Remember when we asked, who will show up?" said Linda Alfonso.

    Now, on the eve of Sept. 11, tens of thousands are expected for "The Flags Along the Bayshore -- Tampa Remembers 9/11." Good Morning America will broadcast live Wednesday, interviewing the keynote speaker, Army Gen. Tommy Franks.

    The program, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., will include military flyovers, prayer by Muslim clergy, speeches by Gov. Jeb Bush and Franks and patriotic tunes.

    "It's really grown into a very beautiful commemoration," said Renee Williams, a cultural liaison with the city of Tampa. "A lot of eyes will be on us from around the country."

    She estimates 50,000 people, decked out in red, white and blue and waving flags, could line the 4.5-mile stretch of Bayshore Boulevard.

    Monday, though, was a day to prepare. The city trimmed trees and put up barricades. At the headquarters on E Jackson Street, the telephone rang constantly. Volunteers answered questions.

    What time should I be there? (7 a.m.)

    Will flags be provided? (No, bring your own.)

    Will there be vendors? (No, but the Salvation Army will provide water and orange juice.)

    Will there be seating? (No, but folding chairs are welcome.)

    In the midst of the buzz were the three women who started it all: Julie Whitney, Julie Sargent and Alfonso. By now, their story is legend. Friends from aerobics, they decided to do something the morning after Sept. 11. They took American flags to Bayshore Boulevard and Bay to Bay and waved them at passing motorists.

    Their effort was joined by fellow patriots like Bill Hamblin, a computer specialist and a Vietnam veteran, and by others. Each Friday, they waved flags and became known as the Bayshore Patriots. They began planning Wednesday's anniversary event months ago.

    They've gotten to tour the U.S. Central Command and managed to get Franks as the keynote speaker. He was expected to be at the Pentagon that day.

    On Wednesday, the women will rise early to attend a private breakfast for the volunteers and VIPs. "Then we will go out with everyone else. We will be greeting; that's our only job," said Whitney.

    Organizers are asking people be in place by 7 a.m.

    Parking is available at garages in Hyde Park Village and the St. Pete Times Forum (formerly the Ice Palace), which is two blocks away. Street parking is available between MacDill Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard and from Gandy to Hyde Park Boulevard.

    Bayshore Boulevard will be wired for sound. An area has been set aside for protesters, near Hyde Park Place and Bayshore Boulevard.

    Security will be tight. Streets near Bayshore will be closed to vehicles and to pedestrians because the governor and general are attending.

    "We expect some confusion," Williams said.

    Planning has been fun, but exhausting.

    "We are a little tired," Sargent said.

    -- For information, call 228-6678 or visit: www.bayshorepatriots.com.

    Schedule of events

    8 a.m. -- Military procession begins from Gandy Boulevard; firetruck procession begins from Platt Street bridge

    8:05 -- Battle Hymn of the Republic

    8:10 -- Prayer by a Muslim clergy

    8:12 -- Let There be Peace on Earth, Florida Arts School

    8:16 -- From a Distance, Florida Arts School

    Processions arrive at Bay to Bay and Bayshore

    8:31 -- Presentation of the colors, U.S. Special Operations Command Honor Guard

    8:32 -- Star Spangled Banner, Tampa Oratorio Singers and Florida Brass and Percussion Ensemble

    8:34 -- Pledge of Allegiance

    8:36 -- Welcome by the Bayshore Patriots

    8:40 -- Remembrance prayer by a Baptist minister

    Four F-15s will fly over symbolizing the four planes lost on Sept. 11: American Airlines flights 11 and 77 and United Airlines flights 175 and 93.

    8:46 -- A moment of silence

    8:47 -- America, Tampa Oratorio Singers

    8:50 -- Mayor Dick Greco speaks

    8:57 -- An American Hymn, Tampa Oratorio Singers

    9:01 -- Gov. Jeb Bush speaks

    9:09 -- Remembrance prayer for the collapse of the World Trade Center

    9:11 -- Flyover by rescue aircraft. Moment of silence

    9:13 -- Amazing Grace, Berkeley Preparatory School's Pipe and Drum Corps

    9:19 -- U.S. Army General Tommy Franks speaks

    9:27 -- Taps and 21-gun salute

    9:28 -- Final flyover, twin B-1 bombers

    9:29 -- God Bless America

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  • Multitude to gather to wave U.S. flags
  • Pictures evoke profound feelings
  • Attacks haven't boosted sales of cell phones
  • Schools discover ways to reflect on attacks
  • Flags still wave, but sales fall from peak
  • Three fathers lost
  • Telemarketers easing up on 9/11
  • Nuclear plant adds security layers to prevent terrorism
  • Cough, stress hinder emergency workers
  • Families of missing sit in limbo
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