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Feel free to browse

Feel free to browse

Can't put it down

Looking for a well-developed way to get your click-happy youngsters to contemplate their ABCs? Then look no further. This has to be the most beautiful and usable Flash-enabled game I've seen. Your youngsters simply click on the letters as they pop up. Then they're taken to a screen where they copy the look of the decorative letter by reassembling squiggly lines. Don't worry. It's hard to mess up. Then on to the next letter. It's visually gorgeous and tuned for young minds.

Goofy for information

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's that brief period where the weather starts to get a bit cooler and reminds you of autumns past. It's also when stores and TV aren't stuffing the thought of Halloween and the stress of Christmas down our throats. Revel in it for the few days it lasts. Before long the relatives will be in town and demanding entertainment. Chances are you might end up near Orlando in the Land of the Mouse. If that's the case, bookmark Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Information Guide. It's loaded with obvious -- and not so obvious -- information that would take you eons to figure out by yourself.

Super remote

My new next-door neighbor was considering a monster-size stereo system to ingratiate himself with the homeowners association. This Sound System of the Gods apparently came with a remote control to outdo all others. This got me thinking: How could I get such a remote control and pay virtually nothing? One has to keep up with the neighbors, you know. Relief came in the shape of Pronto Lite, a $10 software addition for a Palm or Handspring device that will do almost all of the work the neighbor's $2,000 remote does. Mine doesn't punch through walls because the Handspring's infrared port has a short range. But I'll just be out $10 when I tire of mine. Life is sweet.

Latte information to digest

Now that She Who Must Be Obeyed has put a semipermanent cap on the number of shoes and laptops I can buy, I'm looking for a replacement on which to fritter away our retirement funds. Coffee is a big passion in my life, so I'm looking for that perfect espresso machine to cozy up next to the industrial strength, recently acquired coffee-brewing system gracing half of the kitchen counter. Should it be a FrancisFrancis or Rancilio S24? Quick action is required before my funds are frozen, and this site shall be my guide.

Do not try at home

Or if you do try this at home, make sure you use your own car. All you'll need are some power tools, a seat from your BMW and a little patience to make the ultimate addition to your now seemingly underpowered PC. In all seriousness, this is a great documentary of one geek's search for the ultimate sitting machine. Click and marvel at what people do when they have too much time on their hands.

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