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He's big on Predator, short on planes

[Times photo: James Borchuck]
Want to keep Cornell Green smiling? Serve yellow rice, corn bread and smoked pork chops. But you better wash your hands.

By ROGER MILLS, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published October 13, 2002

Bucs reserve right tackle Cornell Green has returned to the bench today, after consecutive starts in place of Kenyatta Walker. But he's ready to share some thoughts on planes, being 6 feet 6, 315 pounds, Alien vs. Predator, Malcolm X and the finest woman in the world.

* * *

RM: You know how flight attendants always tell you on take off and landing to bring your seats to an upright position. Why?

CG: I really don't know.

* * *

RM: In the event of ... uh ... trouble ... will make it a difference?

CG: Brah, it's not going to make a difference to me. If I have to get up out of that seat, I'm going to get up out of that seat regardless of whether the seats are upright or not. Whether somebody is behind me, in front of me or what. ... When I hear that I put head down and pretend I'm sleeping. They usually have to tell me two or three times.

* * *

RM: Speaking of planes, is there a reason why the bathroom in planes has to be the size of a pantry.

CG: I've always wondered that too. Every time I go into one of those things it's impossible. I almost have to squat, or ball up and get comfortable. Hopefully there's no turbulence up in there because stuff will be everywhere. I guess they make them for the midgets in the world.

* * *

RM: What's the biggest drawback about being your size?

CG: Sometimes people are intimidated by my size, and there are some gentle giants out there. But there are times when people like to challenge the big man, test the big man. That's cool. I'm up for it.

* * *

RM: Everyday life isn't meant for someone your size.

CG: Very true. Planes, theaters, cars, everything, everywhere I go, just basic things. Like cars, you can't get a full size car anymore. They shaping them down now, even Cadillacs, making them smaller. What's wrong with the world these days?

* * *

RM: How come in the reality show The Bachelor, the bachelor has been a rich guy?

CG: Because a regular Joe probably has no job. ... I tell you what, I wish that stuff would happen to me, have five or six women fighting over me. It would be nice once in a while. Except me fighting over them.

* * *

RM: So you have to make a choice among the 25 women, what's the first thing you grade? Remember this is a family newspaper.

CG: I got you. I hate to say this, while all the people are going to tell you they are looking for intelligence and personal character and all that stuff, I'm looking at the person. Is she pretty? Is she in good shape? Then comes the rest. I've met a lot of people who are pretty and in shape, but they have peanuts for brains. But I'm a man, so I'm going with the face and the body first.

* * *

RM: Alien vs. Predator, who wins?

CG: That's a tough one. ... I like the Predator. Predator's got all the gizmos and gadgets. Alien, all he wants to do is jump on you and bite you. Plus the Predator can disappear, he's got the cloaking device.

* * *

RM: Perfect meal?

CG: I like some yellow rice, greens and some corn bread. Then I want some smoked and smothered pork chops, with lots of gravy. But I've got to have a little variety, so you can throw in a couple pieces of fried chicken. Just two pieces. Two wings.

* * *

RM: What are you drinking?

CG: Lemonade or Hawaiian Punch, something sweet like that. ... No soda.

* * *

RM: Somebody alive you want to meet?

CG: The girl off of that new movie, Brown Sugar. I don't know her name (Sanaa Lathan), but she's coming up taking some good roles, looking real good. She's coming up. She's come up with some small roles, looks like she's going to be a decent actress.

* * *

RM: Somebody dead you would have like to have met?

CG: Malcolm X. I liked how he did things. Even though, sometimes he didn't do it the right way. I like how he changed through his life. First, it was "Me against the world and by any means necessary." Then as he went along in life and saw what it was like, he started changing, became more humble. It's like when you're young you want to do all this crazy stuff and then life keeps hitting you, hitting you and you learn. He learned a lot. He went through a lot of transitions. I like the way his life went.

* * *

RM: Tell me your biggest pet peeve.

CG: There's a lot of things that I hate, but I'll tell you, one thing I can't stand, and there's a lot of guys around here with this problem: They don't wash their hands when they come out the bathroom.

* * *

RM: People overestimate the importance of that.

CG: Man, they go in there and then they come back out and want to give you a handshake or hand dap (bounce with a clenched fist for those of you hip hop impaired). And I'm like, "Oh man, I just saw you in the bathroom. No, No." My momma instilled that in me, wash your hands when you come out of the bathroom.

* * *

RM: Best war movie off all time.

CG: Saving Private Ryan. Just the opening scene. People getting off the boats and the bullets flying around. That was wild.

* * *

RM: Would you have been the first man off the boat?

CG: Some guys still have that in them, but me? That'll be hard for me to go out like that and get shot. I'm not trying to get shot.

* * *

RM: Are you afraid of police?

CG: Back in the day, I used to be. I used to be watching out for them. But I know I'm legit, so I'm cool. Pull me over, give me my ticket and let's ride. ... I have respect for police, for what they're trying to do, if they're doing it correctly. But me personally, I could never be a police man. It's not something I want to do.

* * *

RM: Finest looking woman in the world?

CG: I would say my mom (Belinda Green).

* * *

RM: Cornell, besides your mom, who's the next finest woman in the world?

CG: There are so many. Can I give you five?

* * *

RM: No. Just one.

CG: Then, I'll have to say Halle Berry.

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