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Letters to the Editors

Election results a matter of principle

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published November 10, 2002

Editor: Well, Election Day has come and gone once again. I can't remember when I have witnessed such dirty, negative campaigning. If that's an example of character, spare me.

At the outset of the finale between county Commissioner Jim Fowler and Scott Adams, I stated why I chose Adams. He was not my first or second choice but I did support him. Once I got to know him a bit better, I found him to be a nice guy.

Fowler said the election was about character. I submit that there are more ways than one to measure character. Adams has character but he had a bad past. Only Fowler knows how much character he has.

Fowler says he wants to reach out to his opponents. I guess he just doesn't get it. I feel he sold us out for an international developer who wants to put 54 timeshare condos on a pristine site with over 324 different residents or more each year plying a river they don't know. Nor will they have an interest in our ecology or the fact that we have water restrictions.

Will they care about litter? Do they care about our schools or the costs for our roads and fire and police protection? They will ride us hard and put us to bed wet, essentially using our home.

There is nothing Fowler can say other than reversing the permission to build on the Halls River. And, that won't happen because there's too much money to be made on that deal. In essence, we were sold out for the almighty dollar. We saw what greed got us during the '90s and millions are still paying for that.

With Fowler's mindset, that won't be the last of runaway development. Look at his list of donors. They expect him to reciprocate and I don't mean buy lunch.

Adams was a long shot gamble but at least we knew that going in. Fowler is a known. He will push for roads before they are needed to feed the building frenzy. Build them and they will come.

No taxpayer in Citrus County owes any restaurant, motel or tourist attraction anything but a chance to make a living. But we are essentially subsidizing them and the builders with commissioners like Fowler, Josh Wooten and Roger Batchelor. Where were you 27 more voters when we had the primary election and needed you to vote for Joyce Valentino? We lost a great opportunity for a great commissioner and can only hope she will run next time.

Sour grapes? No, my Republicans won enough all across America for me to say grace over. This is more about principle, not personalities. As far as condos go, we need more and I understand there are some coming at an established site on the river and I am glad to see that. I hope they build more there to offer people a chance to enjoy what many of us have for years.
-- Frank B. Hill, Homosassa

Comments still welcome on toll road project

Editor: Attendance at the FDOT, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Public Information Open House held Oct. 22 at the armory in Crystal River was almost overwhelming! It was the largest number that we have seen at a toll road event during the eight years Citizens Opposed to the Suncoast Tollway has been involved in this proposed toll road. At a meeting in Citrus Springs two days later, Carl Gibilaro, DOT project manager, announced that 1,000 people had attended the public meeting!

COST still encourages those of you who were not able to send comments to the Turnpike regarding the proposed project to do so now. For further information call 527-1289.
-- Janet Masaoy, chairman

Being a good man isn't the same as doing a good job

Editor: As a church secretary for years, my pastor gave me many words of wisdom. One thing he told me was to never put a pastor on a pedestal. They are human just like everyone else, but I never quite agreed. In my mind I expected more.. They were leaders and set an example for others. They were looked up to and admired.

After reading Phil Lilly's letter, those words came back to me. I guess my pastor was right. I would never have expected to read such a hateful, vindictive letter from a pastor. It is hard when he is your pastor not to defend him, which is what everyone has done. They say he is a good man. It doesn't necessarily mean just because he is a good man, that he did a good job in City Hall. He had no prior experience; it was not like he was trained for this job. Being a good man and doing a good job aren't one and the same.

His letter in the Citrus County Chronicle caused me to wonder if he is indeed, a good man. What an inappropriate letter from a pastor. Was this letter written by a good-hearted man that is filled with the fruits of the spirit, one who has been represented as an exemplary man, a leader who is teaching others love and compassion at his church? Does this sound like the pastor you want for your church? Or does this sound like a man who is vengeful and bitter? This has been an embarrassment not only to his church but also to all Christians that he represents.

Stop the animosity, it accomplishes nothing. Pray for the healing of our government and also that Mr. Lilly may now find peace.
-- Linda Lanier, Crystal River

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