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Loose change

By Times staff writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published December 1, 2002

PAST PRESENTS: This holiday season, don't be surprised if you're the recipient of a gift that keeps on giving. In American Express' yearly "Holiday Confessions" survey of 500 adults, 32 percent of people say they "regift," taking something they received and giving it to someone else.

LEMON-LIME LAMENT: Sales of lemon-lime soft drinks are sliding for a third straight year, and the three major beverage companies want to reverse the trend. Coca-Cola is considering a line extension of Sprite called Sprite Tropical Remix. Pepsi will boost distribution of its small lemon-lime brand, Sierra Mist. And the makers of 7Up are debuting a caffeinated drink called dnL -- that's 7Up upside down and backward.

EXORCISING EXERCISE: What would be the first to go from your household expenditures if you were trying to save money? If you're like most people, it's the gym membership. In a recent survey of 1,000 adults, nearly 70 percent said the gym was expendable.

PLAN FOR STRESS RELIEF: A little time management can alleviate job stress, according to the president of Texas consulting firm Simply the Best. Cheryl Jones says the best thing workers can do to organize their lives is to write down their duties or goals. Other tips include planning time for interruptions, arriving at work 30 minutes early and cleaning up work spaces.

OFFICE CHARITY: Giving at the office has taken a new twist. A study of online charitable donations found most are made weekdays during business hours. "The workplace offers an exciting new window of opportunity for giving," says Harry Gruber, founder of nonprofits consultant Kintera Inc.

-- Compiled by Cathy Keim from Times wires.

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