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Letters to the Editors

Tennis stadium plan is a turkey

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published December 1, 2002

Editor: Sometimes, during moments of excitement, we, the people, are prone to rational lapses that lead us to believe that our political leaders are guided by altruistic desires. Unfortunately, there is often a considerable time lapse between what our leaders say they'll do and what they actually do.

We, of course, fail to put the two together. In fact, our brightest leaders are masters at convincing us that what they said is not what they meant and that their actual intent was in fact in line with whatever action they took. On our behalf, of course.

So, speaking of politics, it looks like the tennis stadium is a done deal, and why shouldn't it be? After all, the other alternative is of questionable legality. Now, we all know that in proposing the tennis stadium, Saddlebrook owner Tom Dempsey has our community first and foremost in his mind. The St. Petersburg Times is clearly behind the idea. Jan Glidewell, in a recent column, conceded on the issue. Guess the editors finally got to him, or maybe his Republican affiliate threatened to withhold dessert.

Our political leaders think this is a good idea. Heck, while we've been sleeping, they've been working to grease this turkey to pitch it just right. I haven't seen any hard numbers on exactly how we are all going to benefit, but I'm sure their commitment to serve the public will be borne out in their actions.

In the meantime, don't worry about growth, increased property taxes, insurance premiums, places for your children to play, more schools, families without insurance, senior issues, the unrecognized crisis in children's mental health, the environment and so on. Be thankful. Someday you'll be able to sit in your living room and watch 5,000 beautiful people watch two people play tennis. People from all over the world will flock to Saddlebrook and other fancy hotels in Tampa and enjoy fine steaks served up at Bern's.
-- Ray Gadd, Land O' Lakes

Why not spend money on Starkey Wilderness Park?

Editor: Here is a question that $5-million in funding could address for thousands of Pasco County residents and visitors, young or old, male or female, in every state of health.

What is the facility that is most underused, but with the most potential? The answer: Starkey Wilderness Park.

The potential of this great natural resource is enormous.

I recently moved from a four-season resort town, Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley made the decision 15 years ago to develop walking, hiking, inline skating, biking and dog-walking paths for all residents and visitors. Bottom line: a huge success story!

The Starkey Wilderness Park has picnic areas, restrooms, parking, a playground, biking/walking and educational facilities. Build the Pasco extension to the Suncoast Parkway and improve wilderness trail access. It could have sports, rentals and maybe even a small store.

Five-million dollars could fund a project for all to enjoy and benefit. Every single person in the county could potentially utilize one or more of the uses the park would provide, not just a select group.

As a side benefit, Pasco County might become a healthier place, which has far-reaching implications!

Pasco will never have a big beautiful beach to enjoy, but it has a gem in the Starkey Wilderness Park.
-- Bob Park, New Port Richey

Where's the justice in Pasco County?

Editor: I am a retired, physically handicapped person with limited mobility. I violated the law when I parked in the striped area of a handicapped parking zone. I have been fined $160 for this infraction.

On the same day, I read in the paper that a person who killed someone in a hit-and-run accident received probation.

Seems like a justice disconnect occurs in Pasco County.

E.L. De Poalo, Hudson
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