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Letters to the Editors

Don't just restrict strip clubs -- eradicate them

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published December 3, 2002

Editor: After reading about strip clubs and where to put them, I was convinced that the American culture was in the process of falling off a cliff, moments away from crashing into the rocks below and ending decent life in America.

When we called the commissioners' office, we responded to the problem of putting more strip joints along U.S. 19. But what we really wanted was to have all of the strip joints closed, never to be seen or heard from again. Sad to say, but it seems that those in the strip business use freedom of speech to pull others into the gutter, just to make money.

Hopefully with the help of this article and the people who read it, the commission will put a stop to the strip business, and also put a stop to the garbage that goes along with it.
-- Sylvester J. Gibbons, Hudson

Extend park's benefits to all residents

Re: Tennis stadium

Editor: Since first reading about the proposal to purchase a playground for the rich, I never believed that Pasco County commissioners would actually approve the plan. Now, since it appears that I was wrong in believing in political equity, there is greater need for a new constitutional amendment: Initiative and Referendum. This way we can dismiss the rascals.

Starkey Wilderness Park is a gem. It is one of the best parks in the area and it would not take $5-million to upgrade it. It is most unfortunate that the tennis proposal was even considered by the county commissioners. The money should be spent for the benefit of all the residents of Pasco County, not just for the wealthy.
-- Ralph Torres, New Port Richey

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