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'Nemesis' is pure 'Trek'

The 10th film delivers all that fans have come to expect.

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published December 23, 2002

Movie: Star Trek: Nemesis

  • Rating: PG-13

Summary: The crew of the starship Enterprise sets out on a mission to the planet Romulus, supposedly to negotiate a truce, but they soon discover that peace is not what the Romulans want. Praetor Shinzon (Tom Hardy), who is a younger version of the Enterprise's Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), is a half-Reman (Remus is another planet close to Romulus) who lures the Enterprise to Romulus and appears to want peace for the Federation. But he is after something far more valuable.

Data (Brent Spinner) discovers his twin in Star Trek: Nemesis. [Photo: Paramount Pictures]

My view: So, the legacy lives on. All you Star Trek fans out there have been waiting four years for this 10th big screen installment of the highly popular television series. After all the years of Star Trek, it still fits that classic mold, and it still has the same magic. The fight scenes are laden with special effects, and the classic shots from the bridge of the Enterprise are there, just as expected. It's amazing that the makers of this film have maintained that integrity.

Favorite part: After picking up some stray signals on another planet, the android Data (Brent Spiner) discovers another android that is his twin brother -- in appearance, anyway. Data, who has been a constant on the show for a long time, was a riot to watch as he attempted to enlighten the naive "twin" about the ways of life on the Enterprise.

Recommendations: You don't necessarily have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this film. The PG-13 rating is there because of some violent sci-fi combat scenes and some mild sexuality, but the language is fairly docile. This one will suit ages 12 and up just fine.

Grade: B

-- Billy Norris, 15, is in the ninth grade at Seminole High School, and is a former member of the Times X-Team.

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