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Linset Family Tree
Moving away
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Special thanks

To community members: Isabel Adams, Ray Arsenault, John Breen, Mamie Chapman, Delores Fletcher, Annette Howard, Faye Jackson, Norman Jones Jr., W.L. Jones, Leroy Lewis, John and Sandy Miller, Charles Payne, Peggy Peterman, Henrietta Roberts, Constance Samuels, John and Ann Taylor, David Welch, Al Williams and Omali Yeshitela.

Reporter Jon Wilson, 56, has been a Times staffer for 30 years. He has lived in St. Petersburg since 1956 and currently writes for Neighborhood Times, the Times regional edition published for south Pinellas County.

Photographer Jamie Francis, 40, has been a Times photojournalist for four years. While community journalism is dear to his heart, he has traveled extensively for the Times, covering the Mideast, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Senior News Artist Don Morris, 47, has been a Times staffer for almost 15 years. He is originally from northern California.

Editor Jim Verhulst, 43, has been a Times staffer for 15 years. He lives in St. Petersburg and edits the Neighborhood Times.

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  • Photo editors: Sherman Zent, Sue Morrow
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  • Copy editor: Jody McMaster
  • Other contributors included: Times staffers Kitty Bennett, Sharon Dufford, Roger Fischer, Claire Giglio, correspondent Scott Taylor Hartzell, Mary Mellstrom, Barbara Oliver, Craig Pittman, Dennis Rhodes, Tracee Stockwell, Debbie Wolfe and Cathy Wos.

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