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Pastor Annie L. Robinson, playing the drums at right, usually has a congregation of two or three for Tuesday prayer service at her storefront church on 22nd Street. Church mother Hattie Davis, left, is always one of them. Their church, Crusader For God, is tucked beside a barbershop and down the sidewalk from a beer and convenience store. “They say I can’t thank on the Lord out here on 22nd,” said Robinson after this May 2001 service, “but it’s the same God as them fancy churches.” There are six pews inside their church, four pictures of Jesus and the disciples, a drum set, guitar, two organs and a poster of the Ten Commandments. They have worshiped here for eight years and are just one of several storefront churches that are renting space in the many vacant buildings on 22nd Street.

[Times photo: Jamie Frances]

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