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John Effit, who says he feels like he’s spent a lifetime at his home on Sixth Avenue S, packs away his pictures in February 2002 on the last day he was inside his home. “I’m going take this Last Supper to the photo shop and get them to reframe and make it up,” he says. “It’ll look good again.” Effit’s home, just a few doors from 22nd Street S, was purchased by the city as part of an industrial park project and was among several buildings in the enterprise zone that were marked for demolition. The day after Effit locked his door for the last time, vandals and homeless people broke in and ransacked the house, looking for copper wiring and aluminum they could sell to buy beer and food. Effit says he loves his new place, less than 2 miles away. “It’s got two bedrooms and a screen porch,” he says.

[Times photo: Jamie Frances]

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