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Inside Saudi Arabia
Travel in Saudi
Photo gallery:
   A private society
Royalty & Religion
Inside Look at a Nation

Target: Westerners

Foreign workers:
   Modern-day slavery?

Putting more
Saudis to work

Hanging out at the
mall, Saudi style

Can a marriage born of oil continue?
Future rests on next Saudi leader


This visit to Saudi Arabia was the eighth foreign trip senior correspondent Susan Taylor Martin and photographer Jamie Francis have made as a team. They provided reports from Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia during the 1999 NATO war against Yugoslavia. A year later, they produced an award-winning series looking at Iraq a decade after its invasion of Kuwait. Last fall, they reported from Pakistan at the start of the U.S. military campaign against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. They also went to the Middle East to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and returned this spring when Israel invaded the West Bank. Watch for more coverage from Inside Saudi Arabia over the next four days.