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April 4, 2002
Susan Taylor Martin
Ambulances at bay, wounded unrescued
BEIT JALA, West Bank -- With Israeli-Palestinian gun battles raging less than a mile away, you'd think the Beit Jala Hospital emergency room would be full of casualties.

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Iraq ups its payments to relatives of bombers
NABLUS, West Bank -- Saddam Hussein has increased payments for relatives of suicide bombers from $10,000 to $25,000, drawing sharp criticism from Washington. But Palestinians say the bombers are driven by a priceless thirst for revenge, religious zeal and dreams of glory -- not greed.

Egypt will limit -- not end -- ties with Israel
CAIRO -- Egypt announced Wednesday it was limiting diplomatic contacts with Israel, but did not sever ties despite pressure from protesters who have clashed with police in angry demonstrations against Israel's offensive in the West Bank.

Fighting terror notebook
Rumsfeld: Interrogate tough, but no torture

Tenet, Mitchell, Saudi: 3 peace plans
WASHINGTON -- When President Bush talks about achieving peace in the Middle East, he often sums up his administration's strategy in two words: Tenet and Mitchell.

Even under siege, Arafat still defiant
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Yasser Arafat spends his days on the telephone, at least when he can get a dial tone. He sleeps little, eats less.

Israel retakes most Palestinian cities
Israel controls six of the eight West Bank cities handed to the Palestinian Authority under peace accords.

Church scandal notebook
Egan lists priests, but dispute might continue

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