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April 8, 2002
A taxi driver who knows no boundary
[Times photo: Jamie Francis]
JERUSALEM -- In covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it helps for a journalist to have three things: a bulletproof vest, a taste for tea and a driver who is related to everyone in the West Bank.
Sara Fritz
Why make leap into Middle East now?
WASHINGTON -- Why now?

Thousands protest all over world
NEW YORK -- Thousands of demonstrators filled a city block near the United Nations on Sunday to support Israel in its military offensive on a weekend that has drawn protesters from both sides to the streets nationwide.

Blair offers strongest comments on Iraq yet
COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in the strongest signal he would back U.S. military action against Iraq, said Sunday that Saddam Hussein must allow weapons inspectors into his country "any time, any place the international community demands" or face consequences.

Rocket fired at security camp
KABUL, Afghanistan -- A Chinese-made rocket exploded just yards from a camp housing international peacekeepers Sunday, the first such attack since security forces began patrolling the Afghan capital last year.

On patrol for the terrorist next door
Critics question whether expanding the Neighborhood Watch program would be wise or effective.

Israel blazes on with offensive
Ignoring a plea from President Bush to withdraw, Israel says its mission isn't complete and likely won't be even when Colin Powell arrives.

Reservists make costly sacrifices
WASHINGTON -- Bob's Pizzeria in upstate New York was wobbling in its second year when owner Robert Francis Banas abruptly shut it down and marched off to the war on terrorism.

Taking on the church
To Jeffrey Anderson, his campaign against sexual abuse by priests is a lucrative but righteous cause. Others question his motives.

Six New York priests are asked to leave assignments
NEW YORK -- The Archdiocese of New York said Sunday that six priests have been asked to leave their assignments because of past allegations of sexual misconduct.

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