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 Perspective: April 28, 2002
April 28, 2002

Reno owes the public answers
Janet Reno's reputation as a state attorney, the foundation for her eight years as the nation's attorney general and her present candidacy for governor of Florida, was built in significant part by her aggressive prosecution of three sensational child abuse cases in Miami-Dade County. She pioneered a controversial technique for eliciting intimate details from young children and inspired passage of a law allowing them to testify by closed-circuit television, out of the possibly intimidating presence of their suspected molesters. It is open to dispute, however, whether this is a record of which she should be proud.

Clouding the issue
The president is embracing a rigid, moralistic view of therapeutic cloning that would deny many Americans the potential benefits of promising medical research.

Don't let development ruin Panhandle
After reading Florida's Great Northwest (April 21), I was shocked and saddened by the devastation planned for our wonderful Northern Florida. From Fort Walton Beach east to U.S. 19 lie thousands of acres of beautiful woods and beaches that are now going to be destroyed by development.

Don Addis
What's in the royal purse?
What does Queen Elizabeth II carry in her purse?

Robyn E. Blumner
Bush's spoils: reproductive freedom
Women's bodies and freedom have often been considered a spoil of battle. Legend has it that in the eighth century B.C. the Romans abducted and raped the Sabine women so they could bear the children for a new society. Bosnian Serb war criminals used rape as a tool of terror against female Muslims, intending to impregnate them.

Philip Gailey
Confusing abortion politics with abortion rights
Abortion is a serious issue, but you would never know it by the legal challenge to Florida's "Choose Life" license plate. Some of the arguments against the plate come close to trivializing the abortion debate. While there are important battles to fight to protect abortion rights, this is not one of them. But try to tell that to the National Organization for Women and other plaintiffs who believe the bright yellow tag is an unconstitutional breach of church-state separation and -- now get this -- intimidating to people who support abortion rights. So far, they haven't convinced a judge.

Martin Dyckman
What's more important than righting a wrong?
TALLAHASSEE -- Death row prisoners who claim to be innocent sometimes turn out to be telling the truth. This has happened so often in Florida -- 22 to 24 times depending on who's counting -- that we lead the nation, if not the world, in that regard. The governor of Illinois needed only 13 cases to convince him that something was dreadfully wrong with the capital punishment process in his state. Here, however, it's business as usual.


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