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May 9, 2002
Susan Taylor Martin
With us or against us? Mideast is not that simple
Catchy sound bites can lead to shaky foreign policy.

Dad, cell phone lead to suspect
Cameron Helder alerts police after disturbing letters from his son, who admits making mailbox bombs.

Congress backs tighter security
The bill, which Bush supports, is the first big change in immigration law since Sept. 11.

Graham: 9/11 study hindered
WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department and CIA are not being fully cooperative with Congress' investigation into how the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks escaped detection, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Wednesday.

Arafat makes new promise
JERUSALEM -- A beleaguered Yasser Arafat vowed in a televised speech Wednesday to unleash his security services to prevent terrorist attacks, hours after the Islamic militant group Hamas claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed 15 Israelis.

Bush urges Arafat to match antiterrorism words, deeds
WASHINGTON -- President Bush praised Yasser Arafat's condemnation of terrorism Wednesday as an "incredibly positive sign" but said the Palestinian leader must match his words with deeds after a suicide attack near Tel Aviv killed 15 people and threatened to disrupt the administration's latest peace efforts.

Widowed survivor: 'We just wanted to go out for a night'
RISHON LETZION, Israel -- Don't go out, she said. For more than a year, Annette Termeforoosh, 35, warned her husband and children not to spend time in public places, family members recall.

U.S. missile targets Afghan warlord
WASHINGTON -- The CIA, using a missile fired from an unmanned surveillance drone, tried Monday to kill an Afghan factional leader who has vowed to topple the current government, the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing Pentagon and administration officials.

Breakthrough in Bethlehem
BETHLEHEM, West Bank -- All but 13 Palestinians in the embattled Church of the Nativity were set to leave the ancient basilica early today as Israel and the Palestinians moved to end a five-week siege.

Lawmaker tells of murder try
A Haitian legislator from the ruling Lavalas Family Party of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said he narrowly escaped assassination Tuesday while his bodyguard was shot and critically injured.

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