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 Perspective: June 2, 2002
June 2, 2002

Reforming the FBI
Proposals from the FBI director and the attorney general do not change the flawed culture that has hampered the bureau's counterterrorism efforts.

A fowl plot
It's a pitiful sight, this featherless chicken. It's also an ugly one -- beet red and, in the words of one Newsday columnist, "bearing a passing resemblance to a small dragon." It's enough to turn anyone against eating chicken. This mutant variety of chickens -- the latest result of genetic engineering -- was recently developed at Hebrew University in Israel.

Sound off about drug profiteering
Re: What makes an 8 cent pill cost $1.29?, May 26.

Adam C. Smith
President always nearby to help out his brother
The photo in many of America's newspapers Thursday looked innocuous enough: smiling George and Jeb Bush sitting side by side in the Oval Office.

Deborah Hardin Wagner
Our children need a real SEX education
In a recent survey, almost HALF OF LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL students said they had engaged in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. One in 10 of those had their first experience by age 11. While advocates may debate whether to teach these children ABSTINENCE or CONTRACEPTION, one point is clear:

Bill Maxwell
Gay survivors of the Sept. 11 tragedy deserve death benefits
The tragedy of Sept. 11 continues to teach us volumes about our national character. We have affirmed some trends and traits that are sources of pride, while we also are discovering and facing others that reveal our fragility and intolerance.

Martin Dyckman
What Florida's best governor would think of education
TALLAHASSEE -- There was panic in the land as the National Education Association prepared for its 1958 convention. The Soviet Union had beaten America into space with the successful Sputnik launch eight months before. As usual, teachers were getting a heaping share of the blame. Congress was about to pass the National Defense Education Act, targeting big money to science, mathematics and foreign language education. In that climate, the NEA heard a guest speaker with a surprisingly contrary -- and upbeat -- view.

Philip Gailey
The attorney general can't seem to connect the dots
Attorney General John Ashcroft continues to argue that Washington was caught off-guard by the Sept. 11 attacks largely because the FBI was handcuffed by restrictions on its snooping powers. But now we know that the real problem was the FBI's institutional mind-set and its failure to act on the information its field agents had sent to Washington prior to the terrorist attacks.

Robyn E. Blumner
Was it bad politics or bad supervision of the antiwar teacher?
As a senior at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., in the early 1980s, I wrote a thesis on how to dump tenured teachers in New York. My research indicated that the great myth of the "unfireable teacher" turned out to be a coverup for lazy or incompetent school principals who failed to do what it took to vigorously supervise and evaluate their teaching corps.


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