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June 14, 2002
Families mourn plane crash victims
TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- The three Americans killed in a military plane crash this week were a patriotic father of five, an airplane enthusiast and a newlywed whose husband also served in Afghanistan.

Pakistan: Shopping trip led to arrest of Padilla
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- "Dirty bomb" suspect Jose Padilla went to a Central Asian country in search of radioactive components before returning to the United States, where he was arrested last month, the Associated Press reported, citing Pakistani officials it did not name.

Peres backs provisional state idea
JERUSALEM -- Israel's Foreign Minister Shimon Peres came out in favor Thursday of a provisional Palestinian state, an idea floated by Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Palestinians did not rule it out.

Congress wants new agency by Sept. 11
WASHINGTON -- House and Senate leaders announced hearings next week on President Bush's proposed Homeland Security Department and set an ambitious goal of achieving final approval by Sept. 11.

Bishops drop loophole
A zero-tolerance policy for Catholic priests who molest youngsters is under consideration by bishops.

Moussaoui competent to be own counsel
Some fear the ruling could wildly complicate the case against the man accused of being the 20th hijacker.

Rumsfeld soothes ruffled feathers
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Working swiftly to heal a diplomatic rift with Pakistan that threatened to distract from his peace mission to South Asia, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Thursday he had no hard information that al-Qaida fighters were operating near the Pakistani-Indian frontier in Kashmir.

Earthlike solar system found
Discovery brings astronomers a step closer to determining whether we're alone.

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