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 Perspective: July 7, 2002
July 7, 2002

Nuclear cargo
Florida's senators will soon vote on a plan that calls for hundreds of shipments of deadly nuclear waste to pass through populous areas of our state.

Tampa Bay fans bid Kid adieu
Ted Williams was even greater than his legend. He might have broken every batting record in baseball's voluminous book if he hadn't spent five years during the peak of his career fighting for his country in two wars. His reputation would have been even more exalted if, like his contemporary Joe DiMaggio, he had spent his career in the media epicenter of New York instead of Boston. And he would have been an even bigger national hero if he hadn't maintained such a prickly relationship with fans and the press.

Honest Arab economic report
The only surprise in a new report on the lack of development in Arab countries is that the authors were Arab themselves. The report, commissioned by the United Nations, refreshingly lays blame for the sluggish pace of economic growth in the Arab world where it belongs: at the feet of its own leaders.

Committed to proper food service
Re: Prisons need better food service, editorial, July 2.

Robyn E. Blumner
Saudi Arabia far from being a partner in war on terror
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia -- In the Saudi Arabian cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, towering minarets and odd-looking skyscrapers rise over a harsh, relentless desert landscape. The environment is a perfect reflection of the Saudi people: overtly religious, uncomfortably modern, and afflicted by mirages.

Martin Dyckman
The politicians are the false patriots of our country
TALLAHASSEE -- Though Americans have no monopoly on patriotism, we do appear to be uniquely self-conscious about it. The French and the British love their flags no less, but if you see the Tricolor or the Union Jack, expect to find a school or some other government building, not a used car lot. They have no daily ritual corresponding to our Pledge of Allegiance and probably do not understand what the current fuss is about.

Bill Maxwell
In gloomy times, let's try to find a sense of humor
I got out of bed on the Fourth, went online and read some rather heavy editorials and columns about the holiday, about the country itself and about patriotism. Some of the writing, especially in the conservative newspapers, was downright scary.


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