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 Perspective: August 18, 2002
August 18, 2002

Times recommends: For attorney general
State Sen. Buddy Dyer stands apart from his strong competition in the Democratic primary; for Republicans, Sen. Locke Burt seems the best prepared of the GOP contenders.

A glimpse beyond the media bias
Re: An up-close impression of the president, Aug. 11.

Ron Brackett
How to paint a bullseye on Iraq
Leaving aside the question of whether the United States will invade Iraq, the military must determine how. Reports suggest a targeted attack, one that will bomb military sites and march troops directly into Baghdad.
Graphic: Target Hussein

Margo Hammond
A visit to Steinbeck country
SALINAS, Ca. -- In the fields of Salinas Valley along Highway 68 just on the outskirts of this city, 18-foot-tall painted silhouettes of migrant workers tower over impossibly green rows of lettuce. They look all the world like giant versions of the Joad family straight out of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath.

Robyn Blumner
Sen. Feingold on campaign to hold Ashcroft to constitutional standards
Russell Feingold was the lone Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of confirming John Ashcroft as attorney general. In addition to feeling strongly that a president has the right to choose his cabinet, the Wisconsin liberal was comforted by Ashcroft's commitment to address the problem of racial profiling -- one of Feingold's areas of prime concern.

Adam Smith
McBride's giving Reno a run until the end
Even the relatively modest amount of TV commercial time the Florida Education Association bought for McBride appears to have made a big difference . . .

Philip Gailey
Can't take the politics out of elections, even for judges
For the past three weeks the Times Editorial Board has interviewed dozens of candidates for state and local offices as part of its homework before weighing in with its recommendations before the Sept. 10 primary election. The toughest calls -- for us and the voters -- generally are in judicial races. The candidates are appropriately under certain constraints in what they can say in a campaign, so the voters have little to inform their decisions beyond a candidate's reputation, legal experience and record of community service.

Martin Dyckman
Window for universal health care wasted
TALLAHASSEE -- Bill Clinton's sex scandal will become a minor footnote in history, as did Thomas Jefferson's, Warren Harding's and Franklin Roosevelt's. Their fame -- or in one case, infamy -- owes to greater things. So will Clinton's. Clinton will be credited for showing that budget deficits can be turned into surplus. But that accomplishment, so casually erased by his successor, is dwarfed by Clinton's failure to establish a universal health care system.


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