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Acapulco For thousands of annual visitors, Acapulco is the ideal holiday resort.  This Pacific resort is a Mecca for those who love swimming, shopping, and enjoying the nightlife.  Acapulco Bay, one of the world's best natural harbors, is the city's centerpiece.  The weather is Acapulco's major draw--warm waters, almost constant sunshine, and year-round temperatures in the 80s.  It comes as no surprise, then, that most people plan their day around laying their towel on some part of Acapulco's many kilometers of beach.

Beach diversions come in all varieties at this amazing resort town.  More

From the Times Travel Section  August 18, 2002
Connecticut diner perfect for a gourmet gathering

[Photo: AP]

Looks -- and nostalgia -- can be deceiving at O'Rourke's. Once a typical hash-slung diner, it has become a mix of the expected and the experimental. Story

On a convoy to the 'Rhino Barn' in Nebraska
ASHFALL, Neb. -- Rhinoceroses running wild in Nebraska? Our Nebraska? It's got square mile upon square mile of fruited plains, amber waves of grain, oodles of cattle and hogs. But rhinos? Never in 10-million years.

On the cheap side of the street
Go east, frugal traveler, for the best hotel bargains on Las Vegas' Strip.

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