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August 27, 2002
Mealtime motivation   For seniors, proper nutrition can help stave off some illnesses while fighting those one already has. Story

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Teresanne Cossetta]

  • Make nutrition a regular guest as you set your table for one
    It's okay to dine alone. Trust me. I've done it hundreds, maybe thousands of times. People don't automatically think you're lonely or that you couldn't get a date. (If they do, so what?) Besides, you can look at it this way: dining should be as hassle-free as possible. When you're by yourself, you can take time to savor what you eat and enjoy the company you choose, and that includes you.

Candidates forum set in Tampa on Sept. 17

Her bicycle keeps her on the road to health
Exercise, especially cycling, provides the energy Ellie Bryder puts to valuable use in her community.

More older couples forgoing 'I do'
The partners' motivations may vary, but longer life spans and changing social mores are making living together without marrying an increasingly attractive choice.

Wonder sprouts from trip to roots
Sitting at the dining table one evening, Dick and I decided that if we were ever going to take a trip by freighter, we'd better get cracking.

Tough times can make conversational cowards
I used to be able to predict the nature of a conversation, pretty much. It would depend on the participants, of course, and after many years of acquaintance, my contemporaries and I have become predictable. When I chat with a former sister-in-law, it's a sure thing that I will hear about her latest ailments, the spectacular career of her daughter and the shortcomings of her husband.

He answered the call to help people at Ground Zero
As the first anniversary of our Sept. 11 tragedy approaches, I asked Dale Sklenar, a volunteer during the search and recovery at Ground Zero in New York, to discuss the effects of his efforts:

For best health care, take the initiative
Once upon a time, doctors made house calls. Sounds like a fairy tale to those of us who have never experienced that kind of personal contact. And when the doctor came, he knew your whole family by name! He could hold your hand and with a few words calm the sick person and the family members, making them all feel better.

Take Note: It's a great time to enjoy our area
September and October are months when Florida belongs to its year-rounders. The heat begins to ebb a bit, the beaches and the walking and bicycling trails are at their best, and driving is almost a pleasure.

The more they volunteer, the better they like it
NEW PORT RICHEY -- Midge London-Prace, 67, and David Prace, 72, are Pasco humanitarians, and they have a proclamation from the County Commission to prove it.

Ice cream parlor memories sweet
In a child's world, the most ordinary places become magical. For me, it was an ice cream parlor called The Buffalo Candy Kitchen, where I grew up in Kenosha, Wis. It was on the east side of Main Street facing Market Square.

Older folks know a lot about history
I have been reminded on several occasions recently of my advancing age.


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