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Acapulco For thousands of annual visitors, Acapulco is the ideal holiday resort.  This Pacific resort is a Mecca for those who love swimming, shopping, and enjoying the nightlife.  Acapulco Bay, one of the world's best natural harbors, is the city's centerpiece.  The weather is Acapulco's major draw--warm waters, almost constant sunshine, and year-round temperatures in the 80s.  It comes as no surprise, then, that most people plan their day around laying their towel on some part of Acapulco's many kilometers of beach.

Beach diversions come in all varieties at this amazing resort town.  More

From the Times Travel Section  September 1, 2002
Echoes of summers past

[Photo: AP]

Once a premier family destination for vacationing New Yorkers, the faded Catskills look to casino resorts for revival. Story

Bagging the elusive airline upgrade
Editor's note: The Times begins a monthly column on issues faced by business travelers. The author is Sheila J. Kittle, vice president of corporate travel for Raymond James Financial. Her staff of 21 handles more than $15-million in business travel annually for the company's "road warriors." Kittle welcomes comments and general travel questions that she might address in future columns; she cannot answer readers individually. Send e-mail to skittle@tampabay.rr.com.

Wishing you were there
The vacation is over, and now it's time to return to the routines of home and work. Or is it?

If these canyon walls could talk
The dramatic sweep of Arizona's Canyon de Chelly befits the histories of the American Indians who still live in and near it.

Don't pack items that could pack a blush
Most airline passengers know that transporting sharp instruments, flammable liquids and various other items is considered a threat by airport security and can land the heedless in a world of trouble. But those who transport even harmless, everyday items (alarm clocks, timers, or anything that buzzes, ticks, beeps or vibrates) may find themselves equally at risk.

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