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September 16, 2002

Dot what?   Bill Gates calls Microsoft's .Net a "new computing revolution." Enthusiastic users say it works. But no one seems to be able to explain just what it is. Story

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Rivals ready to counter Microsoft's foray into business services
IBM has a simple pitch to businesses looking for Web development services: Microsoft's not the only game in town.

The .Net web
Even Microsoft has difficulty explaining its .Net initiative, but here's the gist of it: It's the software company's plan for how the Internet will be developed and how it will be used in an increasingly connected world. It includes tools for Web developers to create applications and services that would run on servers, the powerful computers used by businesses and Web sites. One of its components is an open and nonproprietary technical code called XML, which allows information to be exchanged easily from one technical format to another. It means a smoother system for servers to communicate with each other and to get information to users. The uses can range from business-to-business transactions to consumer services that can be accessed on home computers, handheld organizers and cell phones.

Video game reviews
MLB Slugfest 2003

Students going online to celebrate freedom
Next week, students around the country will study the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and famous historical figures as part of Celebrate Freedom Week.

Site Seeing
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Moving Favorites, e-mail to a new computer
Q. My computer passed away. Rather than bury it, I use it as a slave for my Epson Stylus 3000 printer, while I work on my new machine. I have them networked, but I want to get all my old e-mails and Favorites from the old machine and install them into the correct place on the new. How is this done?


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