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Campaign 2002: The Times Recommends
 Perspective: September 29, 2002
September 29, 2002

Iraq politics
The continuing debate over the possibility of war against Iraq is too important to be distorted or curtailed by unwarranted partisan attacks.

FCAT scores show A+ Plan's success
Re: All legislators should be forced to take the FCAT, Sept. 22.

Jon East
Desegregation in reverse
One by one, districts such as Pinellas are being told they no longer discriminate under the eyes of the law, and, one by one, they are re-creating schools that separate students by race.

Bill Maxwell
It's time for the president to apologize
SAN ANGELO, Texas -- I had been wondering when it would happen, when someone in Washington would grow some backbone and openly challenge President George W. Bush's sophomoric rhetoric.

Martin Dyckman
Veteran politician is running scared -- and he should be
TALLAHASSEE -- One of the greatest mismatches since David took on Goliath is under way in northeast Florida, where 26-year old Democrat Andy Wojcicki is making his first campaign for public office against Jacksonville Republican Jim King, veteran of 10 elections and heir to the Senate presidency.

Robyn E. Blumner
Sentiment is changing about punishment in drug crimes
What a difference a few years make. Back in the early 1990s the country was determined to put criminals behind bars and throw away the key. Politicians made great hay out of demands for mandatory minimums, the end of "good time," and new "three-strikes-you're-out" legislation. Rehabilitation was a dirty word and the penological community dismissed it as a goal.

Don't tolerate the cruety on hog farms
Livestock production is by definition a harsh business, but with the spread of industrial methods all the little mercies of the farm are passing away, and at a certain point you have to ask if it is right or fair. When do efficiency and economy on our farms become thoughtless and inexcusable cruelty?


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