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September 24, 2002
Comedian Dick Smothers has learned the importance of not taking himself too seriously. Story

[Times photo: Lara Cerri]
Putting down Florida roots

Unconditional love guides two grandmothers
Do not read this column if you are uncomfortable with people whose lifestyles are different from yours.

Is 'shacking up' okay? Readers speak out
Last month we asked readers to give us feedback on cohabitation or "shacking up." This was for a new Seniority feature called Sound Off, where readers could weigh in on a local or national story that was controversial, newsworthy or just a good read.

Take a load off

Triathlete is working on his first 120 years
BELLEAIR -- At the halfway point of his first marathon, Dr. Charles Lasley sat on a bench sipping cool Gatorade while others continued the race. He was waiting for his wife to pick him up and drive him back; he figured 13.1 miles was a long-enough run for his first time out.

Folks buzzing about the Two B's music
HOLIDAY -- Bob Little, 77, says a life without music would be no life at all. Little's musical partner, Betty Johnson, agrees.

October promises many cool diversions
So many pleasant things -- not just the cooler days -- happen in October. The art museums, the musical organizations, even the movies seem to get more interesting once the long, hot summer is over. Don't forget to take advantage of the walking trails and our beautiful beaches.

Weather forecasting is still partly cloudy
I have long heard that weather forecasting is an inexact science, and over the years there seems to have been plenty of evidence that this is true. The longer ahead a forecaster tries to look, the better the chance that the prediction will not come to pass.

Free resource directory available

Stories are kids' ticket to adventure
The best way for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren is to tell them stories.

The good and bad of switching drugs to over-the-counter
WASHINGTON -- Dropping the prescription requirement for a drug usually means the price comes down and people can treat themselves for common ailments without seeing a doctor. But it can also mean paying more for the drug and facing the danger of misdiagnosing themselves.

Study: Ginkgo not aid to memory
The result contradicts previous findings. Meanwhile, ongoing research is studying at the effects of larger doses taken over a longer time.

When the caregiver is a male
It's estimated that the family provides almost 90 percent of all home care for older family members. Who are these caregivers? The highest percentage giving this care are adult daughters of aging parents. Next highest percentage are wives, then daughters-in-law, husbands and then sons. Grandchildren and other relatives follow.

Being foster mom to strays is cat's meow
Recently, two kittens were abandoned on a front lawn. Each had a shriveled hind leg, apparently the result of someone tying a string or a rubber band around the leg, cutting off circulation.

She's up in arms over restless legs
Sleepy time is good. I go to bed at night grateful to lay down my weary bones. Sometimes I just pop off to sleep, wake up to make my obligatory pilgrimage to the bathroom, find my way back to bed and conk out again.

Great-grandmother and volunteer
Lois Grayson, 68, is raising two of her great-grandsons, but she still volunteers a few extra hours at various locations.


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