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September 23, 2002

PlayStation 2 takes the next step in the evolution of gaming: online play. The Xbox is next. Story

Going online
Here's how online games work with Sony's PlayStation2:

Review: Apple's Jaguar hits the ground running
Apple Computer faithful have been justifiably grumbling about keeping up with the costs of their Mac operating system.

I Hate Spam

Solutions: Preparing a backup hard drive
Q. The hard drive on my notebook was showing signs of crashing, so I purchased an identical hard drive with the idea of rebuilding my system on it. Is there any way I can duplicate my original hard disk (which is working okay) onto the new drive so that if the original fails, I can simply plug in the new one and be back up and running?

Microsoft releases XP service pack
It's usually a good idea to install the first major service pack of a new operating system, such as the recently released one for Windows XP.

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