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Acapulco For thousands of annual visitors, Acapulco is the ideal holiday resort.  This Pacific resort is a Mecca for those who love swimming, shopping, and enjoying the nightlife.  Acapulco Bay, one of the world's best natural harbors, is the city's centerpiece.  The weather is Acapulco's major draw--warm waters, almost constant sunshine, and year-round temperatures in the 80s.  It comes as no surprise, then, that most people plan their day around laying their towel on some part of Acapulco's many kilometers of beach.

Beach diversions come in all varieties at this amazing resort town.  More

From the Times Travel Section  September 29, 2002
photo A Legend is launched
Crafted with minute attention to detail and inspiration from legends ancient and modern, Carnival's newest cruise ship begins a career of providing fabled travels.

[Photo: Carnival Cruise Lines]

Warm comfort for a weary crew at sea
HARWICH, England -- If you are one of the millions of passengers who have sailed aboard a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, there is a fair chance you have shared a voyage with Dorothy Schroeder. Maybe you noticed her cloud of blond hair, or maybe it was her constant smile.

The approach of cool weather brings an end to the summer schedule of Alaska and European sailings for many cruise ships. Dozens of these vessels soon will begin repositioning cruises to various Florida ports and to San Juan, Puerto Rico. They will then sail throughout the Caribbean for the winter and early spring cruise season.

Don't share your cruise with seasickness
Though seasickness is hardly fatal, the symptoms usually include nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting. And choppy water is not always required to make some passengers ill: Some people are prone to motion sickness and may suffer even during moderate swells.
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