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November 18, 2002

Computer Buyer's Guide
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A challenging season
With more people already owning a computer and with new computers not having must-have new features, computermakers are looking ahead at a modest holiday season.

What to look for when purchasing a PC
It's getting easier to buy a PC.

The Great Debate:

I've never been one to get involved in the computer "religious wars" of Mac vs. PC, considering that the epitome of geekdom, even beyond having a Dilbert desk calendar. (Please accept my apologies if you have a Dilbert desk calendar).
I use both a PC and a Mac. Given a choice, though, I go with a Mac every chance I get.

Faster speeds, lower prices, new OS from Apple
Apple Computer's lineup this year has more speed, lower prices and a new operating system.

Site seeing
A shorn thing

Work-arounds for backing up to CD-RW
Q. How can I get the Windows 2000 backup program to recognize my CD-RW? I can burn a CD, update it, and read from it, but not when I go to the backup utility.

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