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November 19, 2002
Atkins low-carb diet gaining some respect
Several small studies show the popular regimen improves cholesterol and promotes weigh loss.

Fuel oil spill fouls Spanish coastline
MADRID -- Cleanup crews have begun to remove tons of thick black sludge from beaches in northwestern Spain scarred by an oil spill that threatens birds, marine life and the livelihood of thousands of fishermen.

Supreme Court to decide states' role in ADA suits
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court agreed Monday to review a case that could block the millions of disabled Americans who use state accommodations from suing over such complaints as inaccessible polling places or hard-to-use public transportation.

Nation in brief
Ala. governor concedes

Using alcohol, hormones doubles breast cancer risk
PHILADELPHIA -- Women who drink alcohol and take hormones are at almost double the risk of breast cancer, researchers with a large ongoing study say.

Statins help elderly prevent heart attacks, study says
CHICAGO -- Cholesterol-lowering drugs, a mainstay of heart care for the middle-aged, also prevent heart attacks in elderly people, a large study concludes.

Study: Few herbs help menopause
PHILADELPHIA -- Except for an herbal remedy developed by American Indians, most of the exotic berries, teas, herbs and oils frequently taken by women to ease menopause symptoms have been ineffective in clinical trials, a study shows.

Court upholds Cuba camp detentions
SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court Monday blocked a challenge to the detention of the 600 Afghan war prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, ruling that a group of clergy members and professors have no legal standing to represent them.

Media criticized over terrorism claims
LONDON -- Lawyers for three terrorism suspects accused British newspapers Monday of fabricating a scare about plans for a poison gas attack on the London subway, saying police had never even questioned their clients about such a plot.

Party tied to Islam takes over in Turkey
ANKARA, Turkey -- A party with Islamic roots formed Turkey's first majority government in 15 years Monday, promising to maintain close ties with the West and lift the country from its worst recession since World War II.

World in brief
Land mine kills 20 aboard Indian bus

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