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December 6, 2002
Arts&Entertainment: December 6, 2002 Side show
PREPARE TO SUBMERGE: The longer the Oscar telecast runs, the more pointless the "tributes" get on the Emmys, the more bombastic the Grammys get, the easier it is to appreciate the irreverence of the "awards" shows done by VH1 and MTV.

A fine cast fills 'Blue Room'
SARASOTA -- A lot of sex happens in The Blue Room, but David Hare's play is about what goes on in people's minds and hearts as well as between the sheets.

TV: Jan watch
WHAT HAPPENED: It was tear-jerking time in Thailand as Survivor producers scared up the one thing assured to bring our merged Chuay Jai tribemembers to tears: a loved one from back home. But in a Fear Factor-style twist, producers required family members to eat bugs to prove their devotion, with Navy swim instructor Helen Glover's husband Jim downing ants, a water bug, live grubs, a boiled tarantula and a boiled scorpion to win 24 hours on the island with his love. The next day, too-smug host Jeff Probst brought back the loved ones for a special immunity challenge, with big man Ted Rogers winning.

In the news
Sci Fi scores record ratings for "Taken'

WMNF lets show keep its Sunday slot
TAMPA -- Another dust-up over a proposed programming change at the area's community radio station will result in no change at all.

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