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November 26, 2002
You don't have to go it alone
[Times photo: Chris Zuppa]
The remedy for seniors in need of fellowship and support can be found in the company of those willing to share an activity or life experience. Story

Make a difference in the life of a child
Much has been written about how important it is for children to have positive adult role models in their lives. It's a familiar issue that comes to the fore whenever news related to "today's youths" becomes clouded in despair.

Sound Off: To drive, or not to drive -- and when to quit
Nothing drives the debate about "independence, rights and privileges" more than the question of where one of them ends and another begins.

Changing Gears: Thankful for variety on Turkey Day
Thanksgiving has us in a quandary, maybe more this year than usual. That is a far cry from what we like to refer to as "the olden days," when Thanksgiving usually found my wife cooking for all "sorts and conditions" of men and women.

She leaves house, but the house doesn't leave her
Early one morning last August, I sat in the sun parlor of my Kenosha home, sipping coffee. Next to me were stacks of boxes piled high. In the living room, there were more boxes and furniture pushed together.

Ginkgo not a memory aid, study says
The result contradicts previous findings. Meanwhile, ongoing research is studying at the effects of larger doses taken over a longer time.

Researchers find new way to strengthen, build bone density
In tests using mice, the compound mimics estrogen, a treatment for osteoporosis, but it doesn't have estrogen's side effects. Human trials won't begin for several years.

Combat pilot now flies missions of peace
CARROLLWOOD -- As a young man in the U.S. Air Force, Gary Nelson flew 206 combat missions in Vietnam, dropping bombs from his F-4 Fantom jet.

Give your family the gift of simplicity
My friends sent me a humorous e-mail about not participating in all the fanfare that accompanies Thanksgiving dinner. I sent it to my children. My son in Austin, Texas, asked "Did you write this? I bet you did because it sounds like you!" I answered, "I wish I had!"

Weight loss can get its start in the mind
There has been a lot of talk recently about Americans being overweight. Here's the reason for the shape we're in: We eat too much.

Step by Step: Taking weight loss, one step at a time
I hope that weight-loss enthusiasts have learned that the basic foundation for long-term loss is making permanent changes in lifestyle and health habits. Fad diets offer little in the way of permanent weight loss.

An arsenal of treatments for restless legs
Geez, you guys! I had no idea there were so many of us who were afflicted with Bowser legs. Since I wrote about Restless Leg Syndrome, I've been deluged with mail.


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